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Cash for Gold USA Review: Expert Recommendations for 2023

Is there a heap of gold or silver tucked away somewhere in your home, serving no purpose but to gather dust? Perhaps you’re grappling with an unexpected expense – perhaps an automobile repair or divorce settlement?

Converting precious metals like gold and silver into cash is a walk in the park. Plus, it serves as your financial lifebuoy when you’re up against fiscal hardship. We’ve already done some heavy lifting for you and concluded that Cash for Gold USA should be at the top of your list. Read further to unravel why we hold this view so firmly.

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What Is Cash for Gold USA?

Gold for Cash USA is an enterprise that provides the opportunity to exchange your treasured metals and ornaments for money. Since its inception, it has disbursed millions in return for gold and other commodities, extending this service to over 300,000 clients.

Through their platform, clients can capitalize on selling not only gold but also silver, along with an array of other precious materials such as platinum. The items you wish to sell could be anything from bracelets or necklaces to watches or coins. Even dental scrap, earrings, or damaged gold are acceptable transactions.

This business prides itself on providing confidential deals that are simple, secure, and devoid of risk. It places a high value on customer gratification and promises to outdo offers made by rival companies. If they fail at doing so, they guarantee a free return of your possessions.

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How Much Does Cash for Gold USA Cost?

Utilizing the services of Cash for Gold USA review will not cost you a penny. Should everything proceed as anticipated, you stand to earn profit from their platform. They shoulder all shipping expenses when you submit your items for assessment, thereby saving you from incurring any shipping or insurance costs. 

In addition to this, they provide a complimentary evaluation of your item, and should you choose to reject the company’s proposition, they also cover the return shipment at no extra cost to you.

Cash for Gold USA Review: Key Features

Many sites pay you cash for your valuables. Here’s what sets Cash for Gold USA apart from the best places to get cash for gold.

Gold Calculator

The site provides tools for calculating the potential worth of your gold, silver, or diamonds based on their weight and karat classification. 

This tool cannot provide a definite figure that the company might propose as payment. It can afford you with a rough estimate to evaluate if submitting your items for an evaluation would be worthwhile.

Gold Price Chart

Just as with other resources, the cost of gold experiences frequent changes. Unless you possess in-depth knowledge about the gold market, determining the optimal time to sell might be challenging. 

Fortunately, Cash for Gold USA supplies relevant data to assist you in deciding if it’s the ideal period for selling. The website features a chart detailing Gold’s past pricing trends.

It even shows:

  • The current price
  • The last time gold was at the current price
  • What happened the last time gold was at its current price

The site also imparts knowledge about the elements that sway the cost of gold and why it could be an opportune moment to trade. As per the portal’s information, variables such as dollar’s worth, inflation rate, supply-demand equilibrium, diversification by central banks, and mining efficiency impact gold prices.

While their predictions on price trajectory might not always hit perfection akin to their calculator tool, owing to extensive experience in this sector, they can offer useful advice when you’re contemplating a sale of your precious metal.

Price Match Guarantee

A standout aspect of this service is its committed pledge to match any competitor’s price. If you receive a more lucrative proposal from another firm, Cash for Gold USA promises to meet it.

One may question the value of selecting the price match guarantee when there’s an option to go with a higher bid. The justification lies in Cash for Gold USA’s expedited payment process post-acceptance of their offer. This could potentially lead to receiving your payments at a considerably quicker pace than other rivals in the industry.


Dispatching your possessions to Cash for Gold USA for evaluation carries zero jeopardy. The firm provides insurance for your parcel, guaranteeing compensation if the goods go missing while en route.

Moreover, you have the liberty to withdraw from the sales process whenever you want. Following their assessment, they will propose a deal that you can choose to refuse. Should you decide against their proposal, they pledge to return your items at no additional expense.

Cash for Gold Blog

The majority of individuals looking to offload their precious trinkets, surplus gold, and other valuable possessions aren’t typically well-versed in the intricacies of the trade. This lack of expertise can leave them vulnerable when trying to secure optimal rates for their goods.

Fortunately, a light at the end of this tunnel exists in the form of Cash for Gold USA’s informative blog that provides crucial insights about gold valuations and other materials. In addition to this, it also keeps you abreast with current events within the mining sector and beyond.

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How Does Cash for Gold USA Work?

Cash for Gold USA has a simple three-step process to help you make money selling your valuable materials and ensure you have a great experience.

1. Request Free Shipping

If you’re planning to sell your gold or any other precious items, Cash for Gold USA’s website allows you to take advantage of free delivery services. You will need to share details like your identity and how they can reach you. Also, it’s entirely up to you if you’d like a USPS mailer or a FedEx label for transport.

No matter what type of gold – be it damaged pieces, dental waste, ornamental jewelry, or vintage gold – the shipping remains absolutely free. Moreover, they sweeten the deal with an additional 10% bonus on top of your potential earnings.

2. Mail Your Items

Upon acquiring your postage label, you’re free to send your goods to Cash for Gold USA. Whichever delivery choice you opt for will come with the ability to track the package.

The shipments have insurance coverage of up to $5,000. If your items hold a higher worth, additional protection can be sought out, reaching up to $100,000.

Should USPS or FedEx not be your preferred couriers for dispatching goods, feel at liberty to select any other shipping service. Bear in mind, though, that should you take this alternative path, the company will refrain from extending any insurance on your consignment.

If you decide to ship your package yourself, you can send it to:

  • 6 Perry Dr
  • Foxboro, MA 02035

3. Get Paid

Once your item is received by Cash for Gold USA, a qualified technician will evaluate it within a span of 24 hours and present to you an offer. The decision to either accept or dismiss the proposal rests entirely on your shoulders.

If you accept the offer, you’ll receive a rushed payment within 24 hours via:

  • A check in the mail
  • Bank wire
  • PayPal

Don’t forget, a 10% bonus could enhance the worth of your proposition and bring additional revenue to you. If dissatisfied with the proposal from the digital gold purchaser, you have full liberty to reject it. Upon doing so, anticipate your belongings returned without any added charges or delivery expenses by the company.

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How Much Can You Earn With Cash for Gold USA?

Your potential earnings with Cash for Gold USA are influenced by a variety of aspects. Key among these is the karat value of your gold items and their respective weights. Moreover, there’s a difference in valuation between scrap gold and jewelry, with jewelry generally commanding a higher rate.

Cash for Gold USA frequently updates its most recent acquisitions on its official site. By utilizing the gold calculator provided on their site, you’re able to ascertain the precise melt value of your goods.

Who Is Cash for Gold USA For?

Gold for Cash USA serves as an excellent avenue for those seeking to earn quick money. They’re ready to purchase a variety of jewelry pieces and scrap metals.

So, should there be unused items idly sitting in your home, they could be sold for additional income. Furthermore, even if your jewelry is damaged or far from pristine condition, it can still fetch a decent price with this company.

What Can You Sell to Cash for Gold USA?

While the firm’s expertise lies in gold and its various adornments, they also entertain purchases of silver jewelry or waste metal. Additionally, they accept sales of diamond ornaments.

Some of the different things you can sell to Cash for Gold USA include:

  • Anklets
  • Bracelets
  • Coins
  • Dental scrap (gold or silver)
  • Gold solder
  • Wire (gold and platinum)

What Does Cash for Gold USA Buy?

Cash for Gold USA purchases gold in all its diverse forms and quantities, encompassing damaged and intact items of gold jewelry such as rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, pins, fasteners, and necklaces, among others.

  • Coin collections
  • Gold coins
  • Gold bullion
  • Raw gold ingots, nuggets, and solder
  • Gold wire and scrap
  • Gold dental scrap from dentists
  • Cash for Gold USA also buys all diamonds, silver coins, jewelry, scrap and bullion, gemstone jewelry, and fine watches
  • The company accepts all karats of gold, including 8k, 9k, 10k, 14k, 15k, 18k, 22k, and 24k gold

Cash for Gold USA Requirements?

There’s no obligation to offload your valuables with Cash for Gold USA. Their platform is open to all possessing eligible items. Initiate the process of transferring your gold to the company by completing the form on their website and submitting rudimentary details about it.

Some of the details you must provide include:

  • Preference for mailers
  • Contact information
  • Shipping address

Cash for Gold USA Review: Payout Terms and Options

Upon receipt of your items, Cash for Gold USA pledges to provide a valuation within a 24-hour timeframe. Should you agree with our proposed price, immediate payment is assured. 

Your remuneration can be received via check, PayPal, or direct bank transfer. The firm guarantees same-day payment upon the arrival of your goods.

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What Are the Cash for Gold USA Pros & Cons?

Cash for Gold USA Pros

The firm offers complimentary delivery, permitting you to dispatch your goods without incurring any charges. They safeguard your parcels with substantial insurance coverage of $5000. 

The organization pledges to outdo any rival’s pricing, or they’ll ship back your items at zero cost. Following the receipt of your goods by the company, you can acquire an estimate within a day and receive instant payment.

Cash for Gold USA Cons

The process of getting your shipping envelope to the organization might require a certain period. While it’s possible for a pawn shop sale transaction to be finished within a single day, concluding such deals could potentially stretch out over seven days when done with the company.

How Good Is Cash for Gold USA Support?

On its online platform, the organization offers a detailed Frequently Asked Questions segment that addresses typical problems individuals confront while trading their gold. Feedback indicates customers are pleased with the level of service they receive.

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Cash for Gold USA Reviews: Is Cash for Gold USA Legit?

Cash for Gold USA operates as a reputable online dealer specializing in gold and assorted jewelry purchases. This platform has been met with substantial praise from its consumer base. Now, let’s delve into some of the user testimonials found on Trustpilot.

Cash for Gold has a star rating of 4.3, indicating that 83% of customers who left a review were happy with their experience. 

The organization’s ability to provide explicit directions on packaging and dispatch of its products for purchase has been lauded by customers. A majority of users have also expressed contentment with the complimentary delivery service offered by the company, along with its swift payment procedures.

Regrettably, the enterprise has been on the receiving end of a few unfavorable critiques from patrons who were given minimal estimates for their discarded metal. A handful of critics have also expressed dissatisfaction over harm inflicted upon their possessions by the platform.

>> Best Cash for Gold Company: Cash for Gold USA >>

Alternatives to Cash for Gold USA

Express Gold Cash – Best for Quick Transactions

With an exceptional history spanning more than two and a half decades, Express Gold Cash has firmly established itself as a trusted player in the gold-buying sector. The breadth of their offerings spans the acquisition of numerous pieces of gold jewelry such as betrothal bands, timepieces, golden currency, oro dental fixtures, along with other precious metals.

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Liberty Gold and Silver – Best for Precious Metals

Liberty Gold and Silver, founded in 2012, is an enterprise that focuses on buying a range of gold jewelry and gold coins. While their online presence might seem somewhat sparse in information, they compensate with outstanding customer service through their constantly available telephone line.

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Luriya – Best Cash for Jewelry Company for Convenience

In the esteemed “Diamond District” of Manhattan, Luriya stands out as a prime purchaser of gold. Their two-decade-long stint in the business has cemented their status as a reliable entity for individuals aiming to part with their golden possessions. For those unable to make an in-person visit to their New York outlet, Luriya extends the facility of online gold-selling, adding another layer of convenience.

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Cash for Gold Review – FAQs

How Long Does Cash for Gold USA Take?

Upon soliciting your complimentary mailer, expect to have it in your possession within a day, with the entire procedure taking no more than 3 days. Dispatching your item to the corporation via FedEx’s traceable service should take under a day. Upon receipt of your item, it will be evaluated within a span of 24 hours, after which an offer shall be made.

Cash for Gold USA commits to prompt dispatch of payment based on the mode you prefer upon acceptance of their offer.

The swiftest way to access funds is through PayPal, where cash will reflect immediately in your account. Likewise, you can opt for remuneration through a Virtual Visa credit card or by generating and printing a check at home that allows for instant deposit either physically at any local branch or ATM or virtually using mobile banking services.

Opting for payment via bank transfer or check may prolong the process slightly. In total, requesting a mailer up until receiving money against gold can be as short as three days. This, however, largely depends on how timely you ship in your item and approve the proposed offer. As an added incentive, shipping within seven days earns you an additional bonus of 10%.

What Percentage Does Cash for Gold USA Take?

Cash for Gold USA is mandated to disclose its commission rates on its platform or during discussions. Predominantly, internet-based gold purchasers outshine the rest due to lower operational costs, enabling them to offer sellers a better price. 

When you decide to sell your gold, anticipate receiving approximately 70% to 90% of the spot price of gold. However, be aware that minor diamonds less than 2 carats or any gemstones and pearls typically hold no value.

In addition, what sets Cash for Gold USA apart and earns our endorsement is their sister company, Diamonds USA, ability to provide competitive rates for diamonds.

Does Cash for Gold USA Buy Silver?

Yes. Despite its name, Cash for Gold USA also buys silver, diamonds, platinum, palladium, and more.

Is Cash for Gold USA Safe?

Undoubtedly, Cash for Gold USA is a secure platform. It comes highly endorsed by a majority of its users. The company not only provides insurance for your articles during transit but also offers the opportunity to reclaim your precious items at zero expense if their proposed offer doesn’t meet your expectations.

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Final Verdict on Cash for Gold USA Review

Cash for Gold USA has secured global recognition as a leading online trading hub for unwanted gold, silver, and diamonds. Their unique selling point is their promise to match any competitor’s price, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your goods.

Before you decide if this company is the right one to sell your items with, there’s a convenient gold calculator available on their website. Should you choose to transact with them, all they require from you is some basic contact details and your address so they can send over shipping materials. These will help facilitate sending of your precious metals or stones.

Receipt of the items by Cash for Gold USA, an evaluation will be conducted promptly and typically within 24 hours. They provide an estimated value quote. If it aligns with your expectations and is accepted by you, the payment becomes immediate via several means, including PayPal transactional transfers or traditional checks, or even direct bank deposits.

>> Best Cash for Gold Company: Cash for Gold USA >>