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Jabra Enhance Plus Review: How It Works, Prices, Warranty & Alternatives

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Many traditional hearing aids come with a bulkiness that makes them noticeable, sometimes uncomfortable, and expensive. Jabra Enhance Plus sets itself apart, presenting a groundbreaking solution to these issues.

These earbuds feature advanced, medical-grade hearing enhancement in a compact design. They boost speech clarity and reduce background noise, ensuring immersion at any moment. Plus, with an in-app hearing test, they adapt to your personal hearing profile, letting you adjust settings based on your environment and needs.

Dive into our Jabra Enhance Plus review to discover more about how these hearing aids stand out, their pricing, warranty, and potential alternatives.

Jabra Enhance Plus Reviews: Pros

  • Less noticeable and potentially more comfortable
  • Ensures high-quality hearing enhancement
  • In-app hearing check tailors the earbuds to your unique hearing profile
  • Easily adapt to different environments and needs
  • Advanced noise reduction and water-resistant

Jabra Enhance Plus Reviews: Cons

  • Only available in two colors
  • Not recommended for android users

Jabra Enhance Plus Reviews: Key Features

  • Mini, discreet design for comfort; iOS compatible
  • Advanced, medical-grade hearing enhancement with top-tier audio clarity
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 ensures uninterrupted audio
  • IP52-rated for water and dust resistance
  • 12-hour battery life; 35 hours total with charging case
  • Financing available from $26/month
  • 45-day risk-free trial and a 1-year warranty
  • Self-fitting with Jabra Enhance app tailored to user’s hearing
  • Extensive technical support for earbuds and app

Jabra Enhance Plus Overview

Jabra Enhance Plus emerges as a cutting-edge solution in the realm of hearing aids, designed as earbuds that align with FDA regulations for over-the-counter usage.

These miniaturized hearing aids prioritize comfort with their impressively lightweight design, standing out as approximately half the weight of many competitors in the true wireless earbud market.

The innovative, self-fitting design eliminates the need for professional hearing tests, allowing users to personalize settings via the Jabra Enhance app.

Based on Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids reviews, the device is packed with a long-lasting battery that delivers over 12 hours of uninterrupted use and 35+ hours with its charging case. However, these earbuds are crafted for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss and may not be suitable if you have severe hearing loss.

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Jabra Enhance Plus Review: How It Works

Jabra Enhance Plus employs a method to test hearing known as Bayesian Pure Tone Audiometry (BPTA). It combines the traditional way of testing hearing with Bayesian statistics, a type of math that helps make the test more accurate based on prior information. So, BPTA can adjust the hearing test in real time based on your responses, making it quicker and potentially more precise.

Once established, earbud settings are adjusted using the NAL-NL2 fitting formula. These are a set of guidelines used by audiologists to program hearing aids. Its purpose is to help make sure that when someone wears a hearing aid, the sounds they hear are clear and comfortable.

According to Jabra Enhance Plus reviews, users can then personalize their hearing experience further by selecting filters that modify how music and amplified sounds are heard. These filters are adjustable anytime via the Jabra Enhance app.

Jabra Enhance Plus Review: Features

Jabra Enhance Plus offers top-tier sound clarity thanks to its advanced hearing technology. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features:

  • Design and Compatibility: Jabra Enhance Plus boasts a miniaturized and ultra-discreet design, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for all users. It’s meticulously designed to be compatible with iOS devices, expanding its usability.
  • Cutting-Edge Hearing Technology: With its world-class, medical-grade hearing enhancement, the device utilizes state-of-the-art signal processing. This advanced technology guarantees unparalleled audio clarity, making every sound crisp and clear.
  • Reliable Connectivity: Equipped with Bluetooth® 5.2, the Jabra Enhance Plus ensures an uninterrupted audio experience. Say goodbye to audio dropouts and enjoy seamless connectivity.
  • Durability: Designed for everyday use, the Enhance Plus is both water and dust-resistant. Its IP52 rating assures that weather changes or minor accidents won’t hinder your audio experience.
  • Battery Life: One of its standout features is its impressive battery life. On a single charge, it can last up to 12 hours. With the charging case, this extends up to a total of 35 hours, minimizing frequent charge needs.
  • Natural Sound Quality: The device analyzes sound with a resolution that mirrors the human ear. This results in incredibly natural sound quality, making your listening experience as authentic as possible.
  • Noise Control and Speech Clarity: Advanced hearing algorithms are implemented to suppress background noises and amplify speech clarity. Plus, its microphone directionality automatically adapts in noisy environments, ensuring you always hear what’s essential.
  • Customizable Listening: The Enhance Plus comes with three distinct Listen Modes, allowing users to optimize sound based on their environment.
  • Purchase Benefits: Beyond the product, Jabra ensures customer satisfaction by offering a 45-day risk-free trial. Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids reviews show the product comes with a 1-year warranty and offers perks such as free shipping and returns.

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Jabra Enhance Plus Price

Jabra Enhance Plus costs $799, and Jabra provides various payment methods and shipping options to cater to a larger customer base.

Jabra Enhance Plus reviews show you can opt for a convenient monthly payment plan, beginning as low as $26 per month. The good news is that for those choosing a 12 or 18-month plan, there’s a 0% APR, making it even more affordable.

Jabra Enhance Plus Review: Warranty, Return Policy, and Support

Jabra provides its users with a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship.

Notably, the warranty doesn’t extend to loss and damage. However, they have an impressive return policy; if the product doesn’t meet your expectations within 45 days of purchase, you can return the earbuds. Based on the Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids review, the company will refund the entire amount, cover the return shipping costs, and not levy any restocking fees.

Jabra’s Enhance Select Premium Package stands out for those seeking extended care. It provides three years of remote follow-up care, making it more convenient and cost-effective than traditional office visits.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing Jabra Enhance Hearing Aids

When considering the purchase of Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids, it’s crucial to evaluate several factors to ensure they meet your needs:

  • Advanced Features: The Jabra Enhance Plus offers advanced features like directional microphones that help in reducing background noise, which is crucial for clear communication in noisy environments​​. They also provide functionalities such as speech amplification, noise reduction, and feedback suppression, which are often associated with traditional hearing aids​.
  • Battery Life: The hearing aids come with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours, which is essential for all-day use without the need for recharging​.
  • Fit and Comfort: According to Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids reviews, the devices come with multiple sizes of ear tips to help you find the best fit, ensuring comfort during prolonged use​.
  • Durability: Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids are constructed from robust materials, making them durable. They are rated IP52 for dust and water resistance, which means they can withstand everyday wear and tear and function well after rain or shine​.
  • Ease of Setup: The setup process involves charging the hearing aids before the first use and downloading the Jabra Enhance app for further setup​.
  • Price: Priced at $799 per pair, these hearing aids are positioned as a more affordable option compared to traditional hearing aids​.
  • Approval and Warranty: They are medical-grade, FDA-approved hearing aids and come with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind​.
  • Target Audience: These hearing aids are marketed toward individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who own an iPhone 11 or later​.
  • Aesthetics: The Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids are designed to resemble modern wireless earbuds. According to Jabra Enhance Plus, hearing aids review, this might appeal to individuals who prefer a more discreet and stylish solution for hearing enhancement​​.

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Alternatives to Jabra Enhance Plus Hearing Aids

The Eargo 6 is a notable alternative to the Jabra Enhance Plus. It’s celebrated for its comfort and near invisibility, appealing to those who prioritize a discreet look. Moreover, it caters to individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, similar to the Jabra Enhance Plus.

On the other hand, the Jabra Enhance Select 200 stands out for its superior sound quality, especially in noisy environments.

Lastly, the Widex MOMENT, priced significantly higher, caters to a broader range of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and offers a variety of models to choose from. It provides a better sound performance compared to the Jabra Enhance Plus, making it a worthy consideration for individuals with a higher budget and more severe hearing loss.

Each of these alternatives presents a unique set of features and price points, providing a range of options for individuals seeking hearing aids beyond the Jabra Enhance Plus.

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Can I Use Jabra Enhnace Plus if I Have Severe Hearing Loss?

No, OTC hearing devices like Jabra Enhance Plus will not be suitable for you as they are only effective for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

In such cases, seeking assistance from an audiologist is advised for the best online hearing tests and ear examinations so that you can get a tailored prescription hearing aid according to your individual needs.

Having a face-to-face hearing test at a clinic before purchasing any hearing aid, including for mild hearing loss, is advisable. This is important as an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist can examine your ears and check for any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the hearing loss.

They can also better understand your hearing loss and take specific measurements of your ability to hear at each sound frequency, both with and without background noise.

One of the potential dangers of self-diagnosing hearing loss is that some cases may not require hearing aids but could be treated with surgical intervention or earwax removal instead.

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Where To Buy Jabra Enhance Plus

You can buy Jabra Enhance Plus from the official website or from online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy or Jabra Certified Enhance Centers.

Jabra Enhance Plus Reviews: FAQs

Finding the Jabra Enhance Plus overwhelming? We’re here to help! Our Jabra Enhance Plus review offers concise responses to frequently asked questions.

Is Jabra Enhance Plus a Hearing Aid or Amplifier?

The Jabra Enhance Plus is categorized as a hearing aid, not just an amplifier. It’s designed to assist individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss and has received FDA approval as a medical-grade hearing aid.

Based on Jabra Enhance Plus reviews, the device provides functionalities such as speech amplification and noise reduction that go beyond mere sound amplification​.

Is Jabra Enhance a Real Hearing Aid?

Yes, the Jabra Enhance Plus is a real hearing aid approved by the FDA for mild to moderate hearing loss. It provides functionality like speech amplification, noise reduction, and feedback suppression typically associated with traditional hearing aids​.

Who Is Jabra Enhance Plus Designed For?

Jabra Enhance Plus Individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss who use iPhone 11 or later. It’s also suitable for those seeking a more modern, discreet design resembling wireless earbuds while also enjoying the benefits of enhanced hearing functionalities​.

What Is the Alternative to Jabra Enhance Plus?

Alternatives to Jabra Enhance Plus include Eargo 6, Jabra Enhance Select, and Widex MOMENT, each offering different features and price points suited to varying needs and budgets.

Jabra Enhance Plus Review: Conclusion

The Jabra Enhance Plus offers a harmonious blend of cutting-edge tech and practical hearing aid functionality. Their lightweight design and user-friendly app make them a top choice for those seeking discreet hearing solutions without the usual hassle.

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, these earbuds might just be the game-changer they’ve been waiting for.