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Best Zodiac Psychics 2023: Accurate Cosmic Guidance at Your Fingertips

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It’s often said that timing is everything. 

If you want the flow of your life to be in sync with what’s good in the universe, we know some zodiac psychics who can show you how to take advantage of the wisdom of the heavens.

No matter what facet of your life you want to improve, there’s an advisor somewhere in this zodiac psychics review that can help you find that special star with your name on it.

Discover why we picked Purple Garden as our top choice and uncover more incredible platforms with unmatched zodiac experts. 

Where To Find the Best Zodiac Psychics 

First Look 

  1. Purple Garden – Best zodiac psychics overall ($10 OFF)
  2. Kasamba – Best zodiac psychics for love (50% OFF)
  3. Keen – Best zodiac psychics via mobile app (10 mins for $1.99)
  4. AskNow – Most affordable zodiac psychics (5 FREE mins)
  5. Oranum – Best zodiac psychics via video (10,000 FREE coins)
  6. Psychic Source – Best zodiac psychics for spirituality ($1/min)
  7. Psychic Oz – Most experienced zodiac psychics (3 FREE mins)  

Nowadays, astrology, horoscopes, and the zodiac are more popular than ever, which means there must be something up there worth knowing. 

If you want to discover how the planets can guide your life toward its best version, seeking guidance from the best zodiac psychics is essential. Our Zodiac psychics review can help match you with the best. 

Interested? Let’s start with our #1, Purple Garden

Purple Garden – Best Zodiac Psychics Overall 


  • Highly Screened zodiac psychics
  • Prices start at $0.99 per minute
  • $10 matching credit for new customers
  • Transparent customer reviews
  • Bilingual English/Spanish platform 


  • Online chat, audio, and video readings are priced differently.

When it comes to reading your stars, Purple Garden has the most highly screened and dependable zodiac psychics online.

Plus, with multiple formats for convenience and affordable prices, Purple Garden is our top pick for the most accurate zodiac psychics review online. 


With various formats, including chat, online audio readings via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and video readings, Purple Garden makes it comfortable to learn about your stars. 

If budget is a concern, prices start as low as $0.99 per minute, and there’s a $10 matching credit for all new customers. 

Spanish speakers are also welcome with a site that can switch from English to Spanish with just a click of the cursor. 

Gifted Psychics 

AstroAngel is an experienced zodiac psychic specializing in astrological time frames for love and romance. She has done over 5,700 readings with 1,500+ positive reviews. 

Astro Karan is a Vedic Astrologer specializing in the Indian system. He has done over 6,800 readings with 2,100+ positive reviews.  

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for the right time to make a move in your career, love life, and more, Purple Garden has a full stable of accurate and affordable zodiac psychics waiting to help. 

>>Get a $10 credit on Purple Garden 

Kasamba – Best Zodiac Psychics for Love 


  • 3 free minutes plus 50% off
  • $50 Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3 minutes free with 3 different psychics
  • 110+ zodiac psychics
  • Top love readings 


  • Email readings take 24 hours. 

If you dream of finding a star-crossed lover, Kasamba has 110+ zodiac psychics ready, willing, and able to show you how love is currently steering your stars. 

Add great new customer deals and a satisfaction guarantee, and an enlightening zodiac psychics review is waiting for you on Kasamba. 


Venus rules love and money, and Kasamba honors her on both counts. First, with superior love readings, and second, with the best free psychic reading deals online. 

The Best Match Guarantee gives you 3 free minutes with 3 different psychics, followed by an additional 3 minutes free and 50% off your first reading

To complete this Venusian trifecta, there’s also a satisfaction guarantee to cover you for up to $50 worth of time if anything goes wrong.  

Gifted Psychics

Sacred Reuniter Ryan specializes in astrology readings that help you face the future with a better understanding. He has over 11,600 reviews that applaud both his insight and accuracy. 

Advisor Sunshine is an astrologer who helps people deal with life’s hard and sensitive situations. He has over 5,400 positive reviews.  

Final Verdict 

If you’re searching for the best love psychics, Kasamba should be high up there on your contacts list with their insightful, compassionate, and highly discounted zodiac psychics. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Kasamba 

Keen – Best Zodiac Psychics via Mobile App 


  • International zodiac psychics
  • 3 minutes free
  • 10 minutes for $1.99
  • “Readings 101” feature
  • Dependable mobile app. 


  • Satisfaction Guarantee doesn’t apply to promotions.

With Western, Chinese, Vedic, and Mayan zodiac psychics available, Keen can offer you an insightful zodiac psychics review no matter where you’re from. 

Plus, the dependable mobile app backs this up by keeping you in contact with the best zodiac psychics for appointments, callbacks, and more 24/7.  


Keen believes a prepared customer is the best customer. Therefore, they have a “Readings 101” feature that will educate you on how to get the best readings and find the best zodiac psychics. 

Once you choose from among their 35+ zodiac psychics, you’re eligible to get the first 3 minutes of your first reading free and another 10 minutes for only $1.99.

After your reading, if you want to know more about astrology, the articles section has plenty of Astro articles and free daily horoscopes via email. 

Gifted Psychics 

Natalie Michnya is an astrologer who believes that dreams come true with love. She’s done over 7,200 readings and has an overall rating of 4.8/5. 

Guided Solutions is an honest and open-minded astrologer for all your questions. They’ve done over 2,100 readings with an overall 4.7/5 rating. 

Final Verdict 

If you want to keep up with wherever your destiny is headed, then Keen’s top-flight mobile app offers search, scheduling, and callback features to help you stay in touch with the stars 24/7. 

>>Get 3 free. Minutes on Keen   

AskNow – Most Affordable Zodiac Psychics 


  • Over 17 years online
  • 5 free master minutes
  • 1 free email question with a live psychic
  • Zodiac psychics available 24/7
  • Best  $1 per minute offers online


  • Satisfaction Guarantee only refunds 5 minutes.

With a full stellium of zodiac psychics, AskNow has been watching the stars and advising their customers accordingly for 17+ years. 

Add some fabulous new customer deals, including the best $1 per minute zodiac psychics online, and AskNow can help you find your best life in the stars.  


Whether you employ the easy-to-use search filter or quickly pick from the Psychic Spotlight feature, a top astrologer is waiting for you on Asknow. 

After selecting one, you’ll get to choose from two of the best $1 per minute deals online. With either one, you’ll also be eligible for 5 free minutes and 1 free email question with a live psychic. 

No matter what you want to know, there’s an astrologer at AskNow who can keep you informed and on budget.  

Gifted Psychics 

Lizzystar is an astrologer who tries to impart vital psychic insights for your highest good. She has done over 4,900 readings and speaks five different languages. 

Bhasha is an international astrologer ready to guide you on your future journey. She has done over 2,100 readings. 

Final Verdict 

AskNow has over 17 years of experience providing great zodiac psychics, money-saving deals, and 5 free minutes to help you discover your truth in the stars. 

>>Get 5 free minutes on AskNow 

Oranum – Best Zodiac Psychics via Video 


  • Readings start at $0.99 per minute.
  • $9.99 free credit
  • Free live chat room
  • Customers pick the best psychics.
  • Best free chat zodiac psychics. 


  • Confusing “Coins” payment system 

With over 135 zodiac psychics, Oranum can take you around the solar system whenever you’re in the mood. 

Whether it’s about love, money, or more, Oranum’s customer-voted top zodiac psychics have all the predictions you need.


The free live chat room gives you 1 free video chat question with as many zodiac psychics as you want. 

Take your time, feel a few out, and when you’re ready to shoot the moon with one, you’ll get a $9.99 free credit to start. 

Add an informative blog with plenty of Astro articles to help you better understand your reading, and Oranum is a great place online to blast off to the heavens. 

Gifted Psychics

Psychic John is one of Oranum’s best psychics this month and an experienced astrologer. He specializes in love and offers a lot of free educational info on his profile. 

RetroMercury is an astrologer that can help you focus on your self-realization. She specializes in readings on love, career, and money. 

Final Verdict 

If you like to browse and love zodiac psychics, Oranum’s free live chat room can set you up for the zodiac psychics review of your dreams. 

Add a free $9.99 credit with your first full reading, and your part of fortune is alive and well at Oranum. 

>>Get a $9.99 free credit on Oranum 

Psychic Source – Best Zodiac Psychics for Spirituality 


  • Readings start at $0.83 per minute
  • 85+ zodiac psychics
  • 3 minutes Free
  • “Find a Psychic” Filter
  • Online over 30 years


  • Free minutes only for new customers

Psychic Source has been around for longer than a Saturn return, helping people find meaning in the stars. 

If you’re looking for a spiritual reading from a higher source, Psychic Source has both the zodiac psychics review and deals to get you there.  


The ultra-quick “Find a Psychic” filter will let you browse Psychic Source’s 85+ zodiac psychics with the greatest ease. 

Once you’ve chosen one for your spiritual questions, Psychic Source has 3 free minutes and 30 minutes for only $0.83 per minute. There’s also a pair of $1 per minute deals for 10 and 20 minutes. 

Add a great Articles section and a Kindness initiative that donates 1% of your purchases to charity, and love definitely steers the stars at Psychic Source. 

Gifted Psychics 

Agnes is an intuitive astrologer who reads the planets with in-depth insights. She has over 475 readings and is one of Psychic Source’s new stars. 

Pippa is an Astrologer who always looks to the north star of your success. She’s done over 2,900 readings. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for an experienced and spiritually oriented zodiac psychic, Psychic Source has that and more with an $0.83 per minute deal and 3 free minutes. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Psychic Source   

Psychic Oz – Most Experienced Zodiac Psychics 


  • 30+ years online
  • 3 minutes Free
  • 50+ zodiac psychics review
  • $1 per minute
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for 20 minutes 


  • Only 1 question per email

Online for over 30 years, you can rely on Psychic Oz zodiac psychics review. The platform has successfully guided people through their problems no matter what they’ve shown up with.

Add 3 minutes free and a reputation for highly screened readers, and Psychic Oz has an orbit you need to lock into. 


Psychic Oz has a detailed search filter that lets you pick zodiac psychics based on abilities, reading subject, and price. You can also choose whether you prefer a customer favorite, a staff pick, or a rising star. 

Some stellar intro deals for new customers include 3 free minutes and $1 per minute packages for 10 and 15 minutes. 

Plus, you can be sure that every astrologer on Psychic Oz has been thoroughly screened and vetted to ensure you get an accurate and dependable reading. 

Gifted Psychics 

Tula is an astrologer specializing in love and relationships. She has over 1,300 reviews with a 4.9/5 overall customer rating. 

Carol is an astrologer committed to helping people live their best lives. She has over 530 reviews with a perfect 5.0/5 overall customer rating. 

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for experience, tested quality, and some great new customer deals, Psychic Oz has a zodiac psychics review that rates 5 stars in any universe. 

>>Get 3 free minutes on Psychic Oz

What Are Zodiac Psychics? 

Zodiac psychics or “Astrologers” are people with extrasensory abilities who follow the movements of the planets to try and predict how they will affect life on earth. 

The best zodiac psychics are usually highly skilled technicians in the craft and practice of astrology, as well as sensitive and insightful psychics.

Benefits of Zodiac Psychic Readings 

Here are some benefits you can hope to receive from a zodiac psychic reading

  • Better understanding of your character and that of others.
  • You will be more aware of planetary cycles in your life and see how things feel when these cycles occur.
  • You can find out the best time to do something, like initiate a project.
  • You will be able to determine which people you’re most compatible with or not.

>>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden  

How to Choose a Zodiac Psychic 

These are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best zodiac psychics. Here’s what we considered when compiling this zodiac psychics review. 

Experience and Reputation 

How long a site has been presenting zodiac psychic readings is generally a good indicator of its reputation, and the type of reading you will get. 

That’s because for a site to last a long time online, it needs the ability to consistently figure out what the customers want and how to give it to them time and again with quality. 

Specialties and Pricing 

There are a few basic problems in life that everyone is concerned about. A successful site will offer experts on things like love, family, and career because those are the things that people want to talk about.

Make sure the site you’re visiting has multiple experts specializing in whatever facet of life interests you. 

In these times of high inflation, price will always be an issue for customers. Therefore, also ensure the site you’re on has new customer discounts and opportunities for repeat customer savings. 

What To Expect From a Zodiac Psychic Reading 

It’s crucial to remember that a good zodiac psychic reading isn’t just something that happens. You need to actively participate if you expect to get the best results. 

Questions and Topics 

First, be clear on what you want to discuss with your zodiac psychic. Focus on the parts of your life that need the most work. 

For example, wanting a romance might make you forget about hating your job, and talking about improving your career may make you feel better about yourself and more ready for real love. 

Once you decide on the best topic, it’s essential to formulate clear and concise questions beforehand to best utilize the time and keep costs down on your reading. 

Preparation and Follow-Up: 

In terms of preparation, you can do several things to ensure your reading is a success.

The first would be to make yourself calm and clear beforehand. A short meditation or some breathing exercises can help with this. 

Also, ensure you’re in a quiet and comfortable place to talk with your psychic.

Another essential thing to do beforehand is to check and ensure all your equipment is operating correctly. 

As far as follow-up, you need to ensure that you have a record of your session. You can take notes, though we’ve found that many sites offer transcripts or voice recordings of your readings. 

That way, you can review anything you might have missed or misunderstood.

 >>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden  

The 12 Zodiac Signs: Dates and Symbols 

These are the symbols for the 12 zodiac signs, along with the dates of the period each one covers. 

  • Aries (the ram) goes from March 21 to April 19
  • Taurus (the bull) goes from April 20 to May 20
  • Gemini (the twins) goes from May 21 to June 21
  • Cancer (the crab) goes from June 22 to July 22
  • Leo (the lion) goes from July 23 to August 22
  • Virgo (the virgin) goes from August 23 to September 22
  • Libra (the scales) goes from September 23 to October 23
  • Scorpio (the scorpion) goes from October 24 to November 21
  • Sagittarius (the archer) goes from November 22 to December 21
  • Capricorn (the mountain goat) goes from December 22 to January 19
  • Aquarius (the water bearer) goes from January 20 to February 18
  • Pisces (the fish) goes from February 19 to March 20 

How We Ranked the Best Zodiac Psychics 

When it came to putting together this zodiac psychics review, there are several things we felt were crucial for any professional zodiac psychic site to have. These include: 

Psychic Screening Process 

The best way to ensure you will get the highest quality zodiac psychic reading is to check whether the site you’re on screens and periodically tests its readers. 

When a site tests a reader ahead of time, they’re not only making sure they’re hiring a legitimate zodiac psychic but also protecting customers from being scammed by fake psychics. 

Contact Methods and Specialties 

There are 5 basic contact methods used for zodiac psychic readings. 

  • Online chat readings
  • Phone readings
  • Online audio readings via smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Video calls
  • Email 

Make sure that whatever site you choose in a zodiac psychics review has the contact method you’re the most comfortable with. 

There are many different specialties offered on professional psychic sites. Here are a few specialties that are popular in zodiac psychic readings. 

  • Love readings discuss all the various aspects of love, from dating to breakups and more.
  • Career readings analyze your aptitudes, interests, and desires to find the type of employment and work situation you’re best suited for.
  • Solar Returns coincide with your birthday, and look at what may be in store for the coming year.
  • Compatibility readings analyze the birth charts of you and another person to determine your compatibility with everything from love to work and more.
  • Family readings look at the various members of a family and the various issues that can arise between them.

Promotions and User Reviews 

All the major online sites offer various types of promotions and discounts to new customers.

Some deals offered by the sites in our zodiac psychics review are free and discounted minutes and rewards programs that give repeat customers discounts based on their purchases. 

Another important thing we looked at in our zodiac psychics review was the user feedback for the readers on each site. 

These reviews are crucial because there is no better indication of how competent a psychic is than the reviews written by their customers. 

 >>Get $10 OFF on Purple Garden  

Frequently Asked Questions About Zodiac Readings 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions by readers who want to know more about Zodiac readings. 

How Accurate Are Zodiac Readings? 

For some things, zodiac readings can be very accurate. 

An example would be a Horary reading, or the attempt to predict the future outcome of an event. This type of reading can be excellent when choosing the right time to begin a project. 

What if My Chart Is Bad? Am I Doomed Forever? 

No, what is in your zodiac chart neither dooms you nor gives you guaranteed success. 

A zodiac chart by itself is neither good nor bad. Instead, it outlines the challenges facing an individual and the potential he, she, or they possess to solve these challenges.

In other words, a zodiac chart does not determine your fate. Your choices do. 

What Can I Learn From a Zodiac Reading?

The primary purpose of a zodiac reading is to learn about yourself and your circumstances to make better choices in your life that lead to more productive outcomes. 

How Much Do Zodiac Psychic Readings Cost? 

Zodiac psychic readings conducted online can cost as little as $0.83 per minute or less and as much as $29.99 per minute or more. 

Many sites also offer various promos and discounts that help to keep down the price of a reading. 

What Are the 4 Powerful Signs? 

The 4 fixed zodiac signs are often referred to as the signs possessing the most power because they represent each element’s highest and most evolved energy. 

The 4 fixed signs of the zodiac are;

  • Aquarius, or fixed air
  • Leo, or fixed fired
  • Taurus, or fixed earth
  • Scorpio, or fixed water. 

Do Any Zodiac Psychics Offer Free Readings? 

Yes, most major online sites offer new customers free minutes with their first reading. The time span of these deals is usually between 3 and 5 minutes, depending on the site. 

How Can I Verify the Authenticity and Credibility of Zodiac Psychics? 

There are two ways to verify the authenticity and credibility of zodiac psychics. 

The first is to check and see if the site they read for has screened them ahead of time to confirm that they actually have psychic abilities. 

The second is to read their customer reviews (good and bad) to see their overall ability level and their relative strengths and weaknesses. 

How Often Should I Get a Zodiac Psychic Reading? 

You should only get another zodiac psychic reading after trying out the advice given in your previous reading and seeing some results from your actions. 

At that point, you will likely have some new concerns you can discuss with your zodiac psychic.

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Best Zodiac Psychics – Wrapping Up

The movements of the planets in our solar system are perhaps the most obvious proof that there is some kind of order in the universe.

One effective way to better understand this order is to consult a zodiac psychic. 

We’ve just reviewed 7 top zodiac psychic sites, what they specialize in, and what they charge. 

However, Purple Garden is our #1 choice. They offer the most accurate readings, prices starting at only $0.99 per minute, a $10 credit for new customers, and a bilingual platform for both English and Spanish.

However, you won’t go wrong with any of the sites in this zodiac psychics review. 

All the best in your quest for cosmic wisdom.