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How faith brought Mikenley Brown through bullying to the American Idol stage

May 23, 2023

American Idol Season 21 contestant Mikenley Brown joined us in the Life.Style.Live! studio to sing a few original songs she wrote. This seventeen-year-old New Castle, Indiana native sang an original piece titled “Bathroom Stall,” which tells her story of being bullied and wanting to give up.

Discovering the Hindu tradition of Guru Vandana

May 03, 2023

Geeta Ganthi, the Youth Coordinator, and Arya Goel, a Youth Volunteer, from the Carmel Chapter of HSSUS joined us Wednesday morning to talk about the Hindu tradition of Guru Vandana. As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, it’s a great time to honor and celebrate educators in a traditional Hindu way. The ceremony includes paying homage to teachers and honoring them with rituals and prayers. The guests discussed the importance of educators learning about Hindu culture, and how youth volunteers are making efforts to inculcate educators about it. HSSUS and the Hindu Education Foundation are community partners for educators, providing educational resources and training on Hindu culture.

‘Weekend of Hope’ women’s conference

April 26, 2023

Finding faith and hope can be difficult, especially in trying times. That’s why Harmony of Avon Church is hosting a “Weekend of Hope” conference featuring Sheila Walsh and Christina Varvel. The conference is designed to bring hope to the community and every walk of life, all while glorifying Jesus Christ through teachings from these two incredible women. The event will take place on Friday, April 28th, starting at 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., and on Saturday, April 29th, starting at 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sheila’s latest book, “Holding on When You Want to Let Go”, will also be available for purchase and signing.

From death row to redemption with Pastor Dewey Williams

April 20, 2023

On today’s Finding Faith podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with Pastor Dewey Williams, a death-row prison minister, about his newly released book, “Finding Joy on Death Row.” Pastor Williams shared his personal journey and experiences in ministering to those on death row, as well as the moving writings he has encountered from the inmates he works with. Through his work, he seeks to bring hope and redemption to those who may feel lost or forgotten, and he shares with us the profound impact it has had on his own faith.

Punching back against Parkinson’s disease

April 13, 2023

Steve Gilbert was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2004 following prostate cancer. He started Rock Steady Boxing in 2007 to help get through it! Gilbert felt blessed to have Parkinson’s in Indianapolis, the only Rock Steady location at the time. Now there are over 800 locations around the world. He says boxing gave him strength, resulting in him setting personal records when he was 70!

A Faith informed cookbook

April 11, 2023

Chef Juszina from Classy Diva Caters & Gourmet Mealprep shares her story with Randy Ollis on how she turned her passion for cooking into a business. Learn how her faith in God played a role in her life and the launch of her cookbook Fava: The Cookbook Made to Feed Your Soul.

Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center

April 05, 2023

Dr. Trond G. Seland from Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center joins Randy Ollis on Finding Faith. He discusses what faith and Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center have in common.

Celebrating Holy Week at Christ Church Cathedral

March 29, 2023

Rev. Canon Greg Baker joins Randy Ollis from Christ Church Cathedral. Holy Week begins for their church on Palm Sunday, and they will go throughout the week with multiple events leading up to Easter Sunday!

Evangelizing children around the world

March 28, 2023

Randy Ollis is participating in the Indy 500 Mini Marathon to help raise money for Child Evangelism Fellowship. You can join him to help make a difference in a child’s life! This organization is the world’s largest mission agency to children. They have active ministries in most countries around the world and have been serving children for 85 years. Ministry Coordinator of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Becky Leatherbury, joined Randy Ollis on today’s Finding Faith to share more about their mission to help children.

FostherKidz Famly Inc.

March 22, 2023

On today’s Finding Faith, Randy Ollis is joined by Rev. Dr. Adam C. Collins from FostherKidz Famly Inc. This organization mentors at-risk youth and is in partnership with Goodwill to find senior citizens work, and LOC group.

How God transformed Herman Mendoza from drug dealer to keynote speaker

March 21, 2023

The Indiana Leadership Prayer Breakfast is being presented March 22 in the same spirit as the National Prayer Breakfast. Herman Mendoza will be the keynote speaker and will share how God transformed his life from using and selling drugs to turning his life around and working with leaders from around the world. Randy sat down with him for an extended discussion to talk about his journey.

Better Faith Through Understanding

March 13, 2023

Charlie Wiles, Executive Director of the Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Rev. Jerry Zehr, the 2023 Interfaith Ambassador of the Year, join Randy to talk about the upcoming Interfaith Banquet on March 19th, and the Festival of Faiths on September 10, 2023.

Author Dave Brown Talks About His Journey to Purpose

March 09, 2023

The Journey to Purpose is a book that aims to help readers discover their unique path to fulfillment and meaning. The author, Dave Brown, joins Randy to offer practical guidance and tools to help readers identify their passions, values, and goals, and align their actions with their personal sense of purpose. 

Order Online at 

Angela Brown shares her Finding Faith moment

March 02, 2023

Angela Brown, internationally acclaimed opera soprano and Indianapolis native joins Kate Appel, Chair of Faith, Justice and the Arts to share their personal Finding Faith moments with Randy Ollis.

Angela explains the inspiration behind the upcoming “A Plea for Healing,” a community-wide prayer service.

“A Plea for Healing” is a community-wide prayer service on March 7 at 6:30pm at St. Paul’s Church, 6050 North Meridian Street INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46208

Finding Faith with cardiac arrest survivor Patrick Appleton

February 27, 2023

Patrick Appleton was in perfect health, but after his 44th birthday, he suffered a heart attack while getting ready for work. Despite being told the worse, Patrick and his wife Katrina Appleton kept their faith through the entire recovery process. They both joined us on Finding Faith with Randy Ollis to share how their faith kept them strong.

Author Jannean Hedgespeth shares Christian books

February 24, 2023

Jannean Hedgespeth is an author of Christian children’s books and adult Christian fiction books. She joined Randy along with her husband Lamont Hedgespeth for “Finding Faith with Randy Ollis.” She shared several books and how she got started writing for Christ.

For more information, visit her website.

Keeping Faith Through Infertility and Loss

February 15, 2023

On today’s Finding Faith with Randy Ollis, a couple shares their experience with infertility and loss. Terry and Jane have experienced both within the first 10 years of their 43 years of marriage and leaned on their faith through 17 miscarriages. They’ve adopted daughters who have also experienced losses. The couple shared advice for others who might be facing similar struggles.

‘I Wish I’d Known’ book guides spiritual journeys

February 13, 2023

On today’s Finding Faith podcast, Randy welcomes author Sarah Vie! She discussed her book “I Wish I’d Known” about her spiritual awakening. It is a memoir and a guide on how to let go of ancestral patterning.

For more information about the book click here.

Northview Church LEADS Conference

January 30, 2023

Kent Bjurstrom, Northview Network Pastor, and Jenni Keller, Staff AdvaKent Bjurstrom, Northview Network Pastor, and Jenni Keller, Staff Advancement Pastor from Northview Church joined “Finding Faith” with Randy Ollis with news on their upcoming LEADS Conference and the launch of their new Northview Network. The LEADS conference is presented to help you learn how you can “lead yourself, stay emotionally healthy, and keep healthy relationships.”

Northview LEADS Conference is February 10, 2023, 9am – 3:30pm at Northview Church Carmel Campus, 12900 Hazel Dell Pkwy, Carmel, IN.

Honoring God Through Art

January 20, 2023

Artist Kevin Wilson and his wife Susanne Wilson joined “Finding Faith” with Randy Ollis to share one of Kevin’s God-given talents. Kevin honors God through his artwork.

What Sparked Firefighter Tim’s Career

January 13, 2023

Firefighter Tim is a fixture on Life.Style.Live!  Whether he’s in the kitchen or doing a workout routine, Tim is always teaching us something new. But How did Tim decide to be a firefighter? Randy Ollis has the answer on this Finding Faith podcast.

The True Meaning of Christmas

December 19, 2022

Randy and Kayla Sullivan talk about a video produced by Northview Christian Church that expresses the true meaning of Christmas.

The Rev. Richard Hunter Ministries

November 21, 2022
On today's Finding Faith podcast, the Rev. Richard Hunter joins Randy Ollis and Randall Newsome to discuss The Rev. Richard Hunter Ministries' effort to help 565 families with a week’s worth of groceries and a turkey to anyone in need, especially people who are homeless and veterans.

Festival of Trees fundraiser for Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County

November 16, 2022

The 9th annual Festival of Trees kicks off at the Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel in Carmel on Saturday, November 19. Nancy Chance, founder and executive director of the Good Samaritan Network of Hamilton County and Kim Harden, Festival of Trees event coordinator, joined Randy and Randall Newsome to discuss what an important fundraiser event this is, the services the network provides and how you can be a part of this year’s festivities and fundraiser.

Northview Church welcomes CJ Johnson as new pastor, Steve Poe retires

November 07, 2022

On this episode of Finding Faith, Randy talks with Northview Church’s retiring senior pastor, Steve Poe, and the newly installed senior pastor, CJ Johnson, along with their wives. Now that he has retired, Poe hopes to preach at churches around the country and do more writing, as he’s already penned one book, “Creatures of Habit: Breaking the Habits Holding You Back from God’s Best.”

Free Church of God celebrates 100th anniversary

November 03, 2022

Today’s Finding Faith with Randy Ollis is about the Free Church of God celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Bishop Richard Sanders joined Randy to discuss this and more.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Indiana

September 30, 2022

On this episode of Finding Faith with Randy Ollis, Randy is highlighting a group that makes an impact on children, here at home and around the world. It’s called the Child Evangelism Fellowship, and today we’re putting a spotlight on the Indiana chapter.

Family raises funds for Safe Haven Baby Box in honor of woman who died from COVID-19

September 21, 2022

In today's “Finding Faith with Randy Ollis,” he’s calling attention to a special cause. A family is raising funds to have a Safe Haven Baby Box placed in Greenfield in honor of Trisha Dillman, who tragically died due to COVID complications earlier this year.

Keeping the Faith & Running a Business

September 19, 2022

On today’s Finding Faith with Randy Ollis, this Indiana woman is keeping the faith in both her business and life. Concetta Thomas, founder and director of First Class Learning Ministry, a pre-k program for kids, joined Randy and Amber Hankins to share how faith plays a role in her business and to share sweet letter from her former students.

Rare 14th-century bible on display at Indiana State Library

August 24, 2022

The Indiana State Library will present “The Mystery of the Darlington Bible,” a free program focusing on a 14th century medieval Bible held in the State Library’s collections. Seth Irwin, conservator for Indiana State Library, joins Randy Ollis to discuss the upcoming event and this historic Bible.

Miss Indiana Teen USA shares her journey in faith

August 16, 2022
KK Kokonaing, Miss Indiana Teen USA 2022, stopped by to tell us about her journey in faith. KK has made history as the first-ever Burmese-American to win a state Teen USA title. This fall, she will attend Bethel University and have a double major in psychology and worship arts. Her ultimate career goal is to work in clinical research as a neuroscientist and serve others in ministry as a worship leader. She is preparing to represent Indiana in the national competition of Miss Teen USA.

Brother Nuri Muhammad talks Indiana community outreach, connecting with youth, Mosque #74

August 10, 2022

In today’s Finding Faith, we’re highlighting the Nation of Islam. Brother Nuri Muhammad, minister at Muhammad Mosque #74 discusses the ministry he does in Indianapolis, his community outreach, the projects he’s most proud of and more.

Author brings book tour to Indy, shares inspiration behind ‘Sister Friends Forever’

August 02, 2022

“Sister Friends Forever” is a new soon to be published book written by Kimberla Lawson Roby who says her faith played a huge part in the inspiration behind the book. The “New York Times” bestselling author joined Randy to discuss her latest book.

Rev. Greg Cheatham Annual Memorial Golf Outing fundraises for college scholarships

July 25, 2022

It’s a day at the golf course that could make a difference for kids that need scholarships for college, and it’s honoring the memory of a minister who loved both golf and his community.Rev. Carl Z Liggins Sr. Pastor of Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church joins Randy along with Lawanda Cheatham, wife of Rev. Greg Cheatham, who’s husband inspired this annual event.

UNITE INDY organization raises awareness, creates resources for Indy’s inner city

July 21, 2022

UNITE INDY is a group dedicated to helping their brothers and sisters throughout the inner city of Indianapolis. Jim Cotterill, UNITE INDY president, joins Randy to share more about their mission and their need for volunteers.

How faith plays a role in recovery

July 18, 2022

Randy and talks to Thomas McDorr, trauma chaplain at IU Health, to share how his role as a chaplain works, how faith plays a factor in resilience and recovery, the importance of having a strong support system, and more.

Witt family leans on faith after house fire

July 17, 2022

Thie Witt family’s entire home was destroyed by fire, and one of the only things to survive it nearly unscathed was their bible. Brad Witt and Lisa Witt, house fire survivors, join Randy to talk about how their faith helped them survive this traumatic incident.

Kairos Prison Ministry aims to bring Christ to prisoners

July 15, 2022

Kairos is a Christian and ecumenical ministry but open to people of any faith or those without to attend. Kirk Hunter, state chairman of Kairos of Indiana, joins Randy and Randall Newsome to share how his ministry works and how you can support it.

Teen’s story of survival after traumatic car accident restores her relationship with God

July 08, 2022

In March 2021, 16-year-old Layla Knotts lost control of her vehicle late on a country road in Sullivan County. Her car became airborne, rolled multiple times and came to rest in a cornfield. But Layla’s story is one of hope. She had to learn to walk, talk and think again. God was with her every step of the way.”

Indianapolis leaders come together for annual Prayer Service

June 15, 2022

On this episode Randy Ollis and Randall Newsom talk to Indianapolis City Council Chaplain Tim Lindsey about the third annual Indianapolis Prayer Service, how it got started, and why it’s important for the city.

Cardboard Ministries brings awareness to homelessness and addiction

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis talks to a former MTV rock star Bobby Hayden. They talk about how he turned his life around by giving it to the lord and created cardbord box ministries.

Workforce Chaplains

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis and Randall Newsom are talking to Marcus Schrader and Malar Stewart from Workforce Chaplains and learning about how companies can utilize chaplain care.

Learning about Hinduism

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis and Randall Newsom are learning about the Hindu community. Hinduism is considered the world’s oldest religion. It’s also the world’s third largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. Nitya Sandadi, and Susmita Singh, volunteers with the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, join us to share more about Hinduism.

Creating a space that lifts your Spirit

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis and Amber Hankins talk to Stephanie Denson, founder and lead organizer of Spirit & Space. We’ll share the mission of Spirit & Space and how it aims to serve as a bridge to help others achieve their goals, find the resources they need and create a space that lifts their spirit.

Kingdom Racing delivers God’s word through motorsports

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis and Randall Newsom talk to Tim Carrie, Miles of Smiles Outreach Director at Kingdom Racing. We’ll talk about his family’s organization which was created during a time where he and his wife were going through personal times of darkness and struggle and how they then felt called to bring racing and God together.

Amanda Wolf to handcycle in Global 6K for Water

June 08, 2022

Randy Ollis and Randall Newsom talk to Amanda Wolf, who was born with sacral agenesis, a rare birth defect which hinders the spine’s development. We’ll talk about how she is determined to make a difference by participating in World Vision’s annual Global 6k for Water.

Reviving Hope helps children, women in Guatemala

May 18, 2022
In today’s Finding Faith with Randy Ollis and Randall Newsome learn about a medical outreach program serving women & children in the villages of Guatemala. Hope Thomas, RN, Medical Director for Reviving Hope, join them to share everything you should know about their organization and how you can support their cause.

IndyCar Ministry provides spiritual support for race teams

May 17, 2022

Behind the scenes, IndyCar Ministry continues to serve those within the IndyCar community through prayer, counseling, encouragement and much more during this special time. This May, they’ve created a new initiative dubbed the ‘Month of Ministry’ which will be alive and present.

Chuck Lessick, chaplain of Indycar Ministry, joins Randy to share more about their ministry and working with IndyCar.

For more information, visit or search IndyCar Ministry on all Social Media Channels and tune-in to YouTube ever Wednesday for a new encouraging video!

“Laugh in Peace” comedy show promotes interfaith dialogue

May 17, 2022

A rabbi, a Muslim comic and a reverend all walked into a comedy show… it's not a joke!

Bob Alper, ordained rabbi, and Rev. Susan Sparks, Baptist minister, join Randy Ollis to discuss their upcoming “Laugh in Peace” comedy show presented by Spirit & Place coming to the Indianapolis Public Library on Thursday, May 19.

Spirit & Place, a collaborative community initiative housed in the Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI, is proud to present the “Laugh in Peace” comedy show on Thursday, May 19 for their second annual spring faith event. In partnership with The Indianapolis Public Library, the fun-filled, interfaith comedy show is free on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

The “Laugh in Peace” comedy tour features the comedic trio of Muslim comic Gibran Saleem, Rabbi Bob Alper and Rev. Susan Sparks coming from different religious backgrounds to promote interfaith dialogue and highlight our commonalities. The show causes audiences to think, laugh and leave with a different view of the world. The “Laugh in Peace” show will take place from 7-9 p.m. at the Indianapolis Public Library’s Central Library, located at 40 E. St. Clair St. in Indianapolis, Indiana, and audiences can register for the event here.

Learning about Transcendental Meditation

May 17, 2022

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, natural, effortless mental technique practiced morning and evening, founded in the 1950s by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Over 10 million people have learned it worldwide. TM provides deep rest for the mind and the body. Over 675 research studies have shown a wide range of benefits for mind, body, and behavior from the twice-daily practice.  Paul Wilson, certified instructor of Transcendental Meditation joins Randy and Randall to share more about this practice.

For more information, visit

Pastor Kenneth Sullivan: Prayer Still Works

May 16, 2022

Pastor Kenneth Sullivan Jr., senior pastor of New Direction Church, joins Randy and Randall to discuss his book, “Prayer Still Works,” why prayer is important, the best way to pray and more. Pastor Sullivan and his family firmly believe in the power of God to redirect lives. The mission of New Direction Church is “Leading People to A Better Life.” As the Senior Pastor of New Direction Church, he has made it a priority to pour into the lives of youth and young adults in the city of Indianapolis.

“Prayer Still Works” is designed to examine the power of prayer through several powerful biblical examples alongside illustrations from our age. While reading this book you will gain insight on how to tap into the power of prayer and to fully realize how God’s spiritual authority directly flows into your life. 

For more information and to purchase the book visit,

Getting outside to get closer to God

May 16, 2022

Randy is joined by “Life.Style.Live!” co-host Randall Newsome to discuss how great it can feel to get in touch with nature as you get in touch with God.

Remembering the Holocaust

May 13, 2022

Yom HaShoah, also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day, is a special but somber day for people of the Jewish faith. Cantor Aviva Marer of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation joins Randy and Randal Newsom to share what’s important to know about the day commemorating the historic event, the current state of anti-Semitism in the U.S., what keeps Jewish people inspired and more.

Learning life lessons through faith: passing beliefs to kids

May 13, 2022

Randy shares with his Life.Style.Live! co-host, Randall Newsom a little bit about his own spiritual journey and how he’s working on passing his faith down to his grandkids.

Getting to know the Baha’i Faith

May 13, 2022

Neda Moainie, representative of the Baha’i Faith, joins Randy to share a few important things to know about this religion. For more information on the Bahá’í faith and their events, visit

Church ministering to their community with Midtown Market events

May 13, 2022

Randy talks to Collin O'Bremski from Indianapolis' Northminster Presbyterian Church about how they minister to their community with their Midtown Market events.

Keeping the Faith with a child fighting chronic illness

May 13, 2022
Micah and Tiffany Snider's faith was put to the test when their 2-year-old son, Aiden, was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. Find out how their faith carried them through Aiden's battle with a postpartum congenital heart defect.

Finding Faith with Randy Ollis Trailer

May 13, 2022
Faith. It’s a word we hear thrown around all the time. Keep the faith. Walking in faith. Having faith. Faith guides many in their daily lives. Faith is belief in action. Randy Ollis is on a mission, finding people who are guided by their faith from all religions, denominations, and walks of life and sharing their stories with you. From people who are keeping the faith in times of trouble learning to live your faith day by day, join him as he seeks those who are finding faith.