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Indiana State University’s singing quarterback Michael Haupert

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Like many athletes right now, their time away from the game is both unusual and enlightening … especially for Michael Haupert.

The Indiana State football player and former Fort Wayne Snider standout is showing us he’s full of surprises on and off the field.

“I’ve played five different positions. Um, I’ve been moved around a lot trying to find the right fit for me, and overnight I get moved back into the quarterback room and I’m running the Wildcat,” Haupert said.

Haupert stepped in to run the Wildcat package for Indiana State in his sophomore season, when the Sycamores’ starting quarterback went down with an injury. Haupert picked up the new offense almost overnight, almost as quickly as he discovered his hidden talent.

“I remember sitting on my couch one day and saying, ‘Hey mom, do we still have that old guitar?’” Haupert said. “My parents didn’t really think anything of it. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, like he’ll like fiddle around with it.’ And I think it was two days later, I send them a video of me playing, and they were blown away.”

So, Haupert is already accustomed to performing under the lights on Friday’s and Saturday nights, but never without a helmet and full pads on.  But earlier this year, The Bluebird nightclub in Bloomington called and offered Haupert a chance to perform.

He said, “I always thought of singing as a hobby, and then when I got this gig and they wanted me to perform, I thought this might be able to open some doors for me.”

Haupert’s first big break was canceled due to COVID-19. He’s leaving the door cracked and decided to make his debut as a musician online.

“That was kind of my struggle for the longest time is actually stepping out of that comfort zone and showing people like what I can do, so I posted it,” Haupert said. “I think it gave people another look at me, you know, that I’m more than a football player, and everybody has dreams and goals outside of football. I encourage them and all athletes to show the world what you can do.”