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History made at Champions Retreat, tears in eyes of golfer’s family

244 years ago this month, the battle of Lexington and Concord and the shots heard around the world. In the golf world, a lot of talk about the women’s tournament and the first shots were fired today. 

At the stroke of nine, a new chapter in women’s golf began off both tees at Champions Retreat. 

No ghosts from the past to chase today, the record totally clear.  

Elizabeth Nowlin was out seeing it, watching her daughter Trystin. 

“It’s amazing, just to get to see her get to this point in her life. She has worked so hard. But just to get to see her get to this point is phenomenal, it’s amazing,” she said. 

6 dozen of the worlds best women amateurs beginning play in a tournament bearing the Augusta National name. 

The patrons came out because they know this is a big deal. 

“To be a young girl and get to play here and then Friday they get to play Augusta National and hopefully Saturday the ones that make it and get the trophy, I think it’s a big thing on their resume,” says Georgia Harod who lives near the course in Columbia County. 

Mariah Smith would love to put the Augusta National Women’s Amateur title on her resume. 

The 20-year-old from Tennessee had a big following of family including her brother DeShaun, a First Lietenant stationed at Fort Hood in Texas. He almost skipped coming. 

“Had a lot going on at work, but I saw the golf week article, earlier in the week…brought tears to my eyes when I was in formation. So I had to find a way to go,” said Smith. 

Deshaun served his country in Afghanistan, but being out here with his sister Mariah, his tears may flow again.

“First event, she’s here. One of the 72. Just crazy thinking about that her winning it. It will bring tears to my eyes. I’m not afraid to admit that on the news,” he said. 

But here is the golf news of the day. The Augusta National Women’s Amateur taking its first steps into golf history.

It’s a 54 hole tournament, so Thursday is both cut day and moving day as these players try to punch their ticket to Saturday’s championship round at Augusta National Golf Club.