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Indiana among top states that NBA players call home

Interactive Pacers Sports & Entertainment exhibit at the 2023 Indiana State Fair. (Provided Photo/Indiana State Fair)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Data tracking the home states of NBA players shows Indiana has 173 NBA players calling the Hoosier state home.

This means Indiana ranks seventh in terms of most players per state but, when the population of each state is considered, Indiana jumps up to fifth place in terms of NBA players as a percentage of the state population.

When these two metrics are averaged Indiana comes in third just behind New York and Illinois, which tie for first.

Those 173 players account for 0.0025% of Indiana’s population of 6.806 million.

The top 10 states by players as a percentage of the population are:

  1. District of Columbia 0.01066%
  2. Mississippi 0.00315%
  3. Louisiana 0.00274%
  4. Kentucky 0.00263%
  5. Indiana 0.00254%
  6. Illinois 0.00237%
  7. New York 0.00220%
  8. Pennsylvania 0.001921%
  9. Arkansas 0.001911%
  10. Alabama 0.001900%

The top 10 states by number of players include:

  1. California 442
  2. New York 438
  3. Illinois 300
  4. Pennsylvania 249
  5. Texas 210
  6. Ohio 205
  7. Indiana 173
  8. Michigan 170
  9. New Jersey 152
  10. North Carolina 149

This data was analyzed by SmartBettingGuide and collected by Basketball Reference.

The list did not show any players from Vermont but News 8 added one player for the state, Anthony Lamb, because he played collegiate basketball for the University of Vermont despite being from New York State. This addition still has Vermont in the bottom four states no matter how you analyze the data.

News 8 acquired population data from Google which pulls data from the United States Census Bureau.