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Colts GM: Anthony Castonzo to return next season

INDIANAPOLIS (WIBC) –When Indianapolis Colts General Manager spoke at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis Tuesday, he wasn’t just talking about the players the Colts could take in the upcoming draft.

He also discussed the return of an offensive lineman who has been with the Colts for nine years.

“Anthony Castonzo has informed me that he will play again, which of course, brought a big ole’ big smile to my face. We’re in the process of working on that right now,” Ballard said.

Castonzo had been contemplating retirement.

Ballard didn’t tip his hand as to who he could draft or who he’s
considering, but he did talk about the performance about some of his
players this year, namely Quarterback Jacoby Brissett.

“We did a two-year deal with Jacoby to find out what we had. We like Jacoby Brissett. It was almost a tale of two seasons with him. We’re 5-2 and he’s playing good football and then we had injuries as a team and we kind of slid down. To say that we’re going to create competition (at quarterback), well we’re going to create competition at any spot. That’s going to be a year-to-year thing,” Ballard said.

Brissett injured his knee in a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers
back in November. Ballard was asked if Brissett’s play following that
game, where he struggled, had anything to do with the injury.

“I wouldn’t put it on the injury. Once you open training camp,
everybody is knicked and dinged. They got to play through that and take
care of their body, so I don’t want to put it on the injury with
Jacoby,” Ballard said.

Ballard was asked what he’s looking for in a quarterback.

“I still think accuracy number, mental aptitude, and I don’t think
this gets talked about enough, but be a fit with what you’re trying to
do schematically offensively is critically important,” Ballard said.

The NFL Draft begins April 23.