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‘Extremely emotional’ night for Colts new QB

KANSAS CITY (WISH) — “I am going to bring energy. I am going to bring hard work. God willing – I’m going to bring a Super Bowl.”

Through tears, Anthony Richardson walked on stage to hug NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Thursday night. The Indianapolis Colts made the 20-year-old Florida quarterback’s dreams a reality by taking him fourth overall in the 2023 NFL Draft.

“I was extremely emotional,” Richardson said. “They called me before the draft and kind of let me know if things worked in favor in their way they were going to pick me up. Once I saw the fourth pick was up I kind of had that feeling that they were going to give me call. They gave me the call and I celebrated with my family and just tears started rolling down.”

Despite months of speculation and debate outside the building, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said he knew Richardson was the one a month ago after an initial meeting with him.

The feeling was mutual.

“I fell in love with the people in the building when I was there on my visit,” Richardson said. “Just talking to coach, just talking to Chris Ballard – just talking to those guys and getting familiar with them, it felt like home. Now, they picked me up and I’m ready to come home.”

Richardson only played in 13 games during his brief collegiate career with the Gators. Pair that with being the Colts highest pick in 11 years, and there is plenty of pressure for Richardson to perform and reinvigorate the Horseshoe, but that’s something he’s used to.

“I feel like I’ve been dealing with pressure my whole life,” Richardson said. “Pressure doesn’t do anything but create a legend. Pressure is only hard if you’re not prepared, so I’m going to make sure I’m prepared to the best of my ability so I can make things work for this franchise.”

Richardson becomes just the third quarterback drafted by the Colts in the first round in the last 25 years — Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck the other two. That’s not lost on Richardson.

“I definitely take pride in it. You talked about Peyton, you talked about Andrew, you know, great QBs. Legends right there. For me to be picked as high as I was, it lets me know that Colts nation believes in me. I’m definitely going to put the work in and make sure I’m up there with those guys.”