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Meet the man who will hand out the Vince Lombardi Trophy

Three times in his career, he’s climbed a platform on the field at the Super Bowl to hand out the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Dan Patrick will serve in that role again Sunday for Super Bowl LII, with a front row seat to history.

Patrick works his 4th Super Bowl for NBC, also serving as the host for the massive 5-hour pregame show. He says he tries to simplify the task and “make it smaller” than it really is. 

But not everything goes perfectly during the biggest showcase in American sports. Patrick tells the story of being on the platform after the Steelers-Cardinals Super Bowl, ready to announce the game’s MVP… but no one could let him know who actually won the award.

Patrick’s plenty busy before Super Sunday. He hosts his own radio and TV shows all week from a Minneapolis building which overlooks US Bank Stadium. 

Patrick will be joined by more than 20 other commentators during the NBC pregame show.