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Patriots’ Brian Hoyer: ‘I was meant to be here at the Super Bowl’

MINNEAPOLIS (Nexstar) — Being a professional football player can be a funny game.

That’s certainly true for Cleveland native and former Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer. Earlier this season, he was the starter for the San Francisco 49ers.

Hoyer lost his starting job to a rookie and was eventually released when the 49ers acquired Jimmy Garopolo from the New England Patriots. Soon after, the Patriots signed Hoyer as a backup quarterback for their starter, Tom Brady.

Now, Hoyer has the opportunity to win a Super Bowl ring Sunday night.

“I try to believe that everything happens for a reason, so I believe that I’m here for a reason. The reason that my year started off the way it did is because I was meant to be here at the Super Bowl.” Hoyer said this week.

Brady had stitches in his throwing hand a couple of weeks ago and Hoyer thought he might need to play in the AFC Championship game. If called upon, Hoyer says he’ll be ready.

He’s still the only starting quarterback to have a winning record for the Browns since their return 19 years ago.