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Patrons enjoy start of Masters week with Practice Rounds

The spotlight of the sports world is shining on Augusta, Georgia this week as the city gets set to host The Masters.

Patrons and players from all over the world are in town for the tournament as the excitement builds toward round one on Thursday.

Here we are kicking off the first full week of April and with it the official start of springtime in Augusta.

Monday of course was a practice round. Whether they’re here for the pros or the plants, patrons we talked to are looking forward to a great week.

Day one of Masters week. A time to break out the cameras and cold beverages and soak it all in.

“This is my first time here and I’m just taking in the beauty of the course. Getting to see all the holes you see on TV and seeing it out in person for the first time. So I’m excited about that for sure.”

“I’m just here for the first time. I’m enjoying the golf course here.”

“We’re here for my husband’s birthday. So that’s the main thing.”

By midday Monday there was still no sign of one of the biggest Masters stars of all-time. But that didn’t stop folks from talking about him.

“I’m here for Tiger Woods.”

“I’m anticipating Tiger’s comeback obviously.”

“Like to see Tiger back in it.”

“A lot of Tiger Woods fans out here. No surprise. You know, when he won this tournament back in ’97, sportscaster Jim Nantz said it was a win for the ages. Well, some patrons we talked to said they want Tiger to do it again so it will be a win for the aged.”

“I think it’s good for golf. For the old guys. Make a little comeback. Make a little comeback. A good run on Sunday. That’ll be aweome.”

Today’s pretty awesome too. A chance to take a stress free stroll around one of

the prettiest places on earth. Just 3 short days ’til the competition begins. Come Thursday, many patrons will be watching the leaderboard and hoping it’s 1997 all over again.

“I think fans would love it. Especially this one.”

Tiger is always a big attraction at The Masters. The weather may end up stealing some of the headlines as the week goes on. Rain in the forecast for Wednesday. Rain and cold maybe, on Saturday. For now though, picture perfect conditions at Augusta National Golf Club