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The World of Coca-Cola exhibit in Atlanta

There aren’t many more classic combinations than football and Coca-Cola. To celebrate the Big Game in Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola’s headquarters, the iconic brand decided to showcase a special, limited-time exhibit that features footballs, jerseys, ads and much more from their Coca-Cola archives for all their fans to enjoy.

Bonus Feature: Public Affairs and Communications Manager Jacquie Wansley suggests everyone passing through go check out the exhibit honoring the 40th anniversary of Mean Joe Greene’s iconic Coca-Cola commercial.

“I think the award that was given to the Mean Joe Greene spot for the Super Bowl is really something to take a look at. It’s located on the second level, just outside our 4D theatre, but we have so many other things. There’s a really old, gnarly pair of cleats that’s downstairs in one of the exhibits in the hub that I think is really enlightening today as we look back at what players were wearing and you see what the guys used to wear. It’s really one of those moments where you just think ‘good night. How did they actually play in that?” Jacquie Wansley