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Why Super Bowl pros say Atlanta could be too much of a good thing for the young Rams


One of the most incredible things covering the Super Bowl — particularly in Atlanta on such a tight campus — is all the amazing talent you can talk with in just a short walk.  Nexstar Nation’s Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges broke down what difference the location can make with a few greats who have been there before.

Michael Irvin played the Super Bowl with those Cowboys in 1994; that’s Super Bowl XXVIII.  Let’s just say he had a really, REALLY good time.

“We walked in at half time and E said, ‘awww, s**t, do you think we had too good of a time in here?’ And I said, ‘yeah, we better get back out there and win this game, or the answer is definitely ‘YES.’”

Times have changed and The Dome is now The Benz, but Atlanta still has it going on:  just ask Reggie Bush.

“I think about the culture, the food, Lenox Mall,” he laughed.

Irvin did come out on top back in 1994, with a win for the Cowboys 30-13.  But, Irvin says what he learned actually inspired his entire system for how he picks the Big Game winner between two great teams.

“I start on Friday,” he explained.  “I make my calls and I ask ‘hey guys, what’s going on, what’s the week like?’ If they say, ‘we’re at the Super Bowl, it’s dope’ or ‘this city is poppin’,’ if they say that, I put an X for ‘this city poppin’.  But if I call them up and they say, ‘man, I’m focused on the game,’ I put a check by their name.  I add up all the Xs and the checks, and that’s how I choose my winner.”

The legends we talked with who had been there before say those factors rely upon discipline which they believe leans toward the Patriots as they’ve been there over, over, over, over, over, and now over again.