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Nashville works on scooter regulations for NFL Draft

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The NFL Draft means more people, more cars, and more scooters in downtown Nashville.

City officials are trying to get ahead of that influx with specific scooter regulations for the Draft.

In less than a month, the NFL Draft will stretch across Ryan Long’s daily ride.

“I have some friends; we’re going to try to come down — at least check it out,” said Long, who plans to scooter downtown to get to the Draft.

However, Long and his friends are going to hit some barriers when it comes to Lower Broadway.

“This is absolutely the biggest event that we have ever had,” explained Billy Fields, Director of Metro’s Transportation Licensing Commission.

According to Fields, a plan is in the works to handle scooter traffic for the Draft.

“What we’re going to be doing is working with the scooter companies, in particular, to make sure that people have access to get into the event,” Fields said.

First, no scooters will be allowed inside the footprint of the Draft, which spans from the Cumberland River to 5th or 6th Avenue, as well as up and down Broadway.

Second, the nine entrances to the footprint must be kept clear of scooters at all times.

Despite the heightened regulations planned, officials say scooters remain a vital piece of transportation puzzle during the NFL Draft in Nashville. 

“There are a lot of scooters — but there are going to be a whole lot of people coming in, and we’re going to want as many ways for them to get in and out as possible,” Fields said.

For enforcement, the initial plan is to have scooter representatives at each of the entryways to make sure they remain clear.

“We expect them on the streets because it’s their responsibility,” Fields said. “The way the law is set up, it’s their responsibility to keep the streets clear.”

If that doesn’t work, Fields said there’s a backup plan.

“If they have to be moved, we’ll certainly be able to do that,” Fields explained. “That will be our last resort.”

Fields said members of the Commission are planning to meet with the scooter companies next week to go over expectations during the NFL Draft.