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Behind the Bricks: The lake inside IMS

In this week’s episode of “Behind the Bricks,” we take a look at the history of the lake located inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

IMS President J. Douglas Boles takes us to the lake inside the racetrack and explains how and why the lake was created during the golf course redesign of the early 1990s, as well as what pieces of the historic racetrack you can find and see around the lake!

Zach Horrall, social media specialist for IMS stopped by “Daybreak” on Friday to talk about the history of the golf course and the race track.

“In the early nineties, we decided to redesign our golf course and the legendary Pete Dye redesigned it. The goal back in the early 1900s was to have a flat piece of land for the race track, and then when I came in, he was designing a golf course. He was like ‘you need to have some elevation.’ He dug up a huge portion of the infield so that he could put dirt in other areas and they had this big empty piece of land and they said we dug it up and we might as well fill it up with the lake and then we use pieces of our race track to build it up.”

Zach Horrall, Social Media Specialist for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway