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Ashley Scott Martin: The journey from selling chips out of her locker to becoming a CEO

Ashley Scott Martin, CEO of Cerulean Consulting Group, thinks she was born to be an entrepreneur. We hear about her business journey in today’s “Success Story” segment.

From selling chips out of her locker in middle school to forming her own company, Scott Martin has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While she has never considered herself a pushy salesperson, she’s learned that Public Relations is how you manage identity.

As a child, she was very empathetic and drawn towards social justice initiatives, and she landed a job in print magazines. She studied the small details such as fonts, colors, and placements of advertisements, and realized that she loved the business of marketing, which motivated her to create Cerulean Consulting Group. Scott Martin also recommends finding people with common goals to grow with and share in your success.

You can learn more about Cerulean Consulting Group here.

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