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Podcasting can expand your business’ overall audience

Nelson Spade, the General Manager of WISH-TV’s sister company Circulus Digital Media, says today’s podcast audience has grown, evolved and become more inclusive. The change in people’s schedules in the past years has also changed how they’re consuming media and information.

Listening to podcasts during the commute to work or while working from home has increased listenership overall. And as more sampling of podcasts occur, audiences have become more diverse.

Spade said the profile was male-dominated, middle-aged audience, kind of higher income social-economic status, and it has evolved to become male-female split, a bigger age range, and more diverse than ever before as well. This year so far, African-American and Hispanic audiences are two of the fastest-growing.

He also touched on niche podcasting and the impact that targeting can have on listenership. From an advertising perspective, creating a podcast can help expand your overall audience while retaining contextual relevance.

To watch the entire segment, click on the video. If you’re interested in listening to local podcasts or creating your own podcast, check out the All Indiana Podcast Network.

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