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Should Your Small Business Start a Podcast?  

2023-11-19 – BE&O GS

Small businesses looking to expand their reach and grow their audiences often use many marketing strategies. From Google to social media, these strategies can often be expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective. But one marketing avenue small business owners often overlook can be podcasting. 

Dave Jackson, author of Profit From Your Podcast and host of the School of Podcasting podcast, says starting a podcast is easier than you might think, and many small businesses could benefit from creating a show. 

He says the first step is to figure out who you are trying to reach and make a show they would want to watch. For instance, the owner of an online floral arrangement business could create and host a podcast about anthology or weddings. 

The largest benefit to this strategy is podcast audience members self-select shows based on their interests. Creating a niche show is an easy way to find built-in consumers primed to purchase your products or use your service. “Anyone who is listening is listening because they like your stuff,” Jackson says.  

Jackson also says instead of spending thousands of dollars a year on online advertising, podcasting can effectively reduce your advertising budget while still reaching your target audience.    

Many small business owners have turned to podcasting to answer frequently asked questions they receive inside their stores or on their websites. Each question can be turned into an episode topic, and sharing your knowledge with your audience builds trust. 

In addition, Jackson says once you’ve captured an audience, giving them incentives to use your business is important. Adding exclusive coupon codes or discounts to your podcast audio is a great way to build a positive reputation with a growing base of consumers.  

Jackson says many small business owners should consider podcasting when creating their business plan and factor the minimal startup costs into their budget. 

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