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DiversiFind Helps Minority-Owned Suppliers 

2024-05-05 – BE&O IF

A new company is working to connect minority-owned suppliers with companies looking to hire. 

Lesley Crane, the co-founder of DiversiFind, says her company is an online platform that minority-owned suppliers can use to market themselves to large companies. She says many companies don’t have the budget to market to larger companies independently, and DiversiFind solves that problem.  

Crane created the company when she was consulting and noticed many minority-owned suppliers running into a brick wall when looking for new business. “There has to be a better way,” she thought. Focusing on bringing tech to the forefront to solve the problem, Crane says she spent lots of time interviewing clients to find their needs and pain points. 

While focusing on being a one-stop diversity shop, Crane wants DiveriFind to continue improving its data collection abilities. The ultimate goal, she says, is to create an environment that erases inequity in the supplier field.