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100 Episodes: BEO Show Helps Entrepreneurs Grow  

2024-05-12 – BE&O SuSt

The Business Equity and Opportunities show is celebrating its 100th episode. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, station management at WISH-TV set out to find a way to help Indiana small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their skills and build their networks. 

Jason Hunter, a Sales Director at WISH-TV and an Executive Producer for the BE&O Show, says the program’s initial goal was also to give small businesses exposure and the opportunity to grow their list of industry contacts.  

The BE&O Show, which uses experts to teach business principles and best practices, has been critical to many small business owners in Central Indiana gaining a leg up on their competition. Hunter says it’s a great tool for creating a fair playing field for entrepreneurs.  

Hunter also says management at WISH-TV insisted the show be distributed digitally so busy small business owners could easily download the show and watch it on their own time. 

Hunter says that after 100 episodes, the Business Equity and Opportunities Show has been “making an impact in the local community.” Having featured hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs over the last two years, the BE&O Show has become a critical resource for small businesses across Indiana.