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Candy Convention Arrives in Indianapolis 

2024-05-12 – BE&O TWIB

The National Confectioners Association is hosting the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Indianapolis this week. The convention will bring together candy manufacturers from around the world. 

Carrie Abbott, the owner of Indianapolis-based Newfangled Confections, says she is looking forward to joining 1,000 other organizations at the Expo as an exhibitor. She calls the Sweets and Snacks Expo “The most exciting trade show.”

Along with Las Vegas, the city of Indianapolis was awarded a 10 year contract from the National Confectioners Association to host the annual convention. The event will switch locations every ten years until the contract expires. After a small post-Covid convention, Abbott says the National Confectioners Association was impressed with how accessible, hospitable, and friendly Indianapolis was to their guests.   

Abbott says the convention is a great opportunity for candy manufacturers to meet with distributors, export partners, retailers, and more. Over 16,000 pass holders will descend on the Indiana Convention Center this week to network, make bulk purchases, and find business partners to start new ventures. 

Touting the Expo as the best place to discover the next trends in candy and snacks, Abbott says the strictly business-to-business event helps her stay on the “cutting edge of candy.” 

Abbott also says having the convention in her hometown will allow her to show off Indianapolis to fellow exhibitors and guests.