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Parkinson’s Disease sufferers find new hope in Rock Steady Boxing

Ready, set, BOX!

For Parkinson’s sufferer Steve Gilbert, AKA “Bean,” the 10-year journey with Rock Steady Boxing has simply been life-changing. Today on Indy Style, Amber chats with Steve and Head Coach Kristy Rose Follmar about how the program is restoring hope, faith and renewing the fight against a horrible disease.

“Friday Night Fights” at Rock Steady Boxing is this Friday and features Golden Glove boxers, with proceeds raised benefiting fighting Parkinson’s disease. Yats and Sun King Brewery will also cater the event.

Kristy began her boxing career as Indiana Golden Gloves Women’s Champ and went on to become the first ever Women’s Indiana State Champion and NABC Featherweight and Super Featherweight World Champion. In 2009, Kristy won the WBF Light Welterweight World Championship over Eva Young Jones and lost a split decision to Mary McGee for the WBO World Title.

Rock Steady Boxing was founded in 2006 by former Marion County Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who is living with Parkinson’s. He began intense, one-on-one boxing just a few years after being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s age 40-years-old. Newman witnessed the dramatic improvement in his physical health, agility, and daily functioning through his workouts. His quality of life improved dramatically due to his fighting back against the disease. With private donations coming in and a personal passion to help others living with Parkinson’s, Newman opened Rock Steady Boxing.

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