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Cooking made easy and Tasty with Chef Charles

In this week’s episode of “Easy & Tasty with Chef Charles,” viewers are in for a treat as Chef Charles Bryant from Hartwell’s Premium takes them on a culinary journey focusing on the art of technique. With an instructional approach, Chef Charles aims to educate and inspire home cooks to elevate their cooking skills. The first segment showcases the preparation of Tomato Concasse, a versatile technique that involves peeling, seeding, and dicing tomatoes to enhance their flavor and texture. Chef Charles also shares various creative uses for this tomato preparation, allowing viewers to explore new ways to incorporate it into their dishes.

Moving on to the second segment, Chef Charles demonstrates the process of blanching and roasting fresh vegetables. By blanching, a technique that involves briefly boiling vegetables and then immediately plunging them into ice water, he explains how to achieve perfectly cooked and vibrant vegetables with a delightful crunch. Roasting the blanched vegetables further enhances their natural flavors, adding a delicious caramelized touch. By focusing on these fundamental techniques, Chef Charles empowers viewers to master the basics and opens doors to endless culinary possibilities.

Tune in to “Easy & Tasty with Chef Charles” to gain valuable insights from a seasoned professional and discover the joy of cooking with skill and confidence. With Chef Charles’ expert guidance, you’ll soon be impressing your friends and family with your newfound culinary prowess.