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Echosmith visits Indy Style before playing at Old National Center

Echosmith is currently on a sold-out headlining tour in support of the album “Talking Dreams,” which came out in October 2013. Their first single “Cool Kids” went double platinum. Echosmith will be playing at the Deluxe at Old National Center tonight at 7:30pm.  We’re told there a few tickets available so if you hurry you can help make their Indianapolis visit sold out as well.

The band is made up of Sydney, Noah, Jamie and Graham and they are all family and on a very long road trip.

We see each other a lot. Which is cool…it’s fun and it’s a good experience for us and I feel we get along better now because we have to.” Sydney

Some mornings we just don’t know where we are in the work and some mornings it’s like isn’t this amazing.  But like Saturday I thought whoa, like this is real and I’m holding an instrument and traveling the world doing it.” Noah

For more information and to follow the band check out their website at