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Finding Faith: Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

On today’s “Finding Faith,” we’re exploring the beautiful and meaningful Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan. Mrs. Deepti Vijaykumar, a member of HSS Columbus, Indiana Chapter, joined us to explain what HSS (Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh) represents and the essence of Raksha Bandhan.

Our hosts asked about the origins of Raksha Bandhan and how it is traditionally celebrated, while discovering the profound significance of this festival, where sisters tie sacred threads, known as rakhis, on their brothers’ wrists as a symbol of affection and protection, and brothers, in return, pledge to support their sisters.

Furthermore, we delved into how Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the USA and specifically in the Metro Indianapolis area, fostering understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural traditions within the community.

Importantly, it will explore the universal message of Raksha Bandhan, which transcends blood relations, promoting the idea of “Universal Oneness Day.” This message of unity, brotherhood, and shared responsibility for one another’s well-being couldn’t be more relevant in today’s world. Chief John Moriarty from the Carmel Fire Department will share his experience with this festival, highlighting how such cultural celebrations contribute to building stronger bonds and inclusivity in society.

This enlightening and heartwarming exploration of a festival reminds us of the importance of harmony and compassion in our interconnected world.

Take a look, as this is the last “Finding Faith” segment that features the one we all know and love, Randy Ollis.