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Smitten for a kitten? June is ‘Adopt a Cat’ month

Noah’s Animal Hospitals is highlighting the importance of June as Adopt A Cat/Adopt A Shelter Cat Month. Thomas Dock, the Director of Communications at Noah’s Animal Hospitals, shares that during this time of year, many shelters and rescues are overwhelmed due to the influx of kittens during the “kitten season.”

Noah’s Animal Hospitals collaborates with local organizations such as Southside Animal Shelter, Indianapolis Animal Care Services, Humane Society for Hamilton County, Robin’s Nest, and Cats Haven to help find loving homes for these feline friends. Cats have been popular household pets, outnumbering dogs, with nearly 100 million cats residing in US households. The discussion explores why cats are cherished by many individuals and highlights their independent nature, the perception of being easier to care for, and the unique bond that cat owners often share with their pets.

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While cats are known for their independence, Noah’s Animal Hospitals stresses the importance of regular veterinary care for their overall well-being. Encouraging cat owners to be proactive, they emphasize the significance of bringing cats to the veterinarian regularly, including annual check-ups and blood work. They dispel internet rumors and advise relying on reputable sources like the American Association of Feline Practitioners for accurate information on vaccinations and preventive care. Additionally, they emphasize the need for parasite prevention as cats are susceptible to heartworms, for which there is currently no approved treatment. Noah’s Animal Hospitals encourage potential cat owners to consider these factors and to provide a loving and safe home for these amazing and loving pets.

As part of the conversation, Noah’s Animal Hospitals invites current cat owners to share their stories and experiences, fostering a sense of community among cat lovers. The hashtags #CertifiedVeterinaryJournalist, #CVJ, #Veterinarians, #veterinary, #cats, #pets, #NoahsAnimalHospitals, and #FamilyOwnedandOperated are used to connect with a wider audience and promote awareness about the importance of responsible cat ownership and veterinary care.