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Beginners Guide to Podcasting: The Most Popular Types of Podcasts

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There are over 4 million podcasts worldwide covering just about any topic you might be interested in.  From Comedy to Health & Fitness to News and more, there is a podcast for everyone.  While some genres are more popular than others, there is no “best” podcasting genre, but you will find there are ones that are best for your tastes.  Podcast genres are fairly broad and can be broken down into more specific categories.  Here are some of the top podcast genres and some reasons you might want to check them out. 


Nearly any way you measure it, Comedy is king.  We all love to laugh and there a lot of podcasts that will make you do just that.  In a recent survey by Statista, 22% of podcast listeners in the US said they prefer a podcast that will make them laugh.  Whether you’re feeling down and need a lift or are just looking for some light entertainment, you can find it when you search your favorite podcasting app.  And, who know, it just might improve your sense of humor!


Following closely behind Comedy, News podcasts are preferred by 21% on listeners according to Statista.  And a Pew Research has found that nearly a quarter of Americans get their news from podcasts.  The medium offers what many consider to be a more free and open conversation about what’s going on in the world. For those on the go, it’s a convenient way to stay informed.  For those who want to go more in depth, they can dig deeper than just the headlines.  If you’re looking for fair, balanced, and quality journalism you will find podcasts from many trusted sources.

True Crime

Who doesn’t like figuring out whodunit?  True Crime podcasts get into the weeds and show you how and why a crime happened.  Often, you will hear clues that you won’t get anywhere else.  True Crime podcasts usually focus on cases that have already been solved, showing how the judicial system works.  Some worry that the genre could have a negative effect on mental health but some psychologists report that, True Crime podcasts can help some people ease their sense of helplessness and manage their fears about the world.


No matter what your sport is, there is someone talking about it on a podcast.  Major sports leagues, fans, and players have launched podcasts to share the thrill of victory and the frustration of a bad season in an whole new way to experience sport.  Fans can keep track of their favorite teams and learn things about their favorite players they might not hear otherwise.

Health & Fitness

One of the most popular activities while listening to podcasts is working out. What better time to listen to a podcast about being healthier?  Listening to podcasts about Fitness are a great motivator to and can help keep you focused on your workout and keep you inspired. 

Religion & Faith

Because listening to a podcast is inherently immersive, what better way to be closer to your faith?  Regardless of what faith you profess listening to religious podcasts can help you expand your mind and heart.  Whether you are currently a spiritual person or not, there’s a lot of ways you can grow as a person when listening to the right podcasts.

These are just a few of the podcast genres out there.  Topics can be found from the very broad to the very niche.  The All INdiana Podcast Network is a great place to find shows about everything from News, Sports and Weather to Gardening, Fitness, Health, and more.  Find your new favorite podcast at

If you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, the All INdiana Podcast Network can help you create, produce, and distribute your podcast! Email us today for more information.