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All Indiana Artist: Schawayna Raie

Today’s All Indiana Artist, Schawayna Raie, captivates audiences with her neo-soul style vocal impressions. She’s a storyteller through her vocal inflections and her writing abilities.

Schawayna began her musical journey in 2011 and is a champion to women, speaking strength, enlightenment and love.

She joined us today performing her song, “Who Will Cry.”

More about Schawayna Raie:

Schawayna Raie is an Inspirational Recording Artist known for her Neo-Soul sound. She has been labeled the Jill Scott of Gospel. Schawayna Raie is the visionary behind her brand. Schawayna Raie released her breakout album in December 2010 called Through It All. Not knowing that the album would thrust her into artistry due to its ability to reach overseas, she had to release her second album three years later. She released two albums in 2013 (No More Hiding and Remembering Christmas), which became her most successful albums to date. The release of her single Who Will Cry (for the little girl) – April 2015 gave an inside to her own personal struggle with child molestation bringing awareness to sexual assault and her newfound passion for human trafficking. Schawayna Raie has been involved with the startup of many women’s businesses through branding and strategic planning as well as her own non-profit. She has been an avid philanthropist through donations personally or fundraising through her artistry. She has been labeled the woman’s woman through her efforts in uplifting and motivating women to be their very best. Schawayna Raie is an Artist, Philanthropic, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Businesswoman. Schawayna Raie created an event to bridge her philanthropy and music together called Schawayna Raie and Friends, “A Christmas Benefits Celebration” in 2013 to celebrate the release of her Christmas album. This is a fundraising event that has donated greater than $5000 to local nonprofit organizations during Christmas. Schawayna Raie created an event called the PhenomeMOM Awards that happens each May during Mother’s Day to celebrate everyday mothers through her nonprofit Uplift Your Sister. Schawayna Raie has now partnered with a new restaurant called The Mad Griddle to give a platform for local talent to present their gifts outside of the church called Gospel Sundays. She hosts this show every Sunday since October 3, 2021, which was the launch. Schawayna Raie is a leader, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, advocate, and speaker

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