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Monumental Yoga celebrates 10 years at the circle

Namaste! We are thrilled to have Melissa Okeley, a dedicated board member of Indy Yoga Movement, and the talented musician Cathy Morris joining us in the studio today. Their presence fills us with joy and anticipation as we come together to commemorate the extraordinary milestone of 10 years on Monument Circle. What makes this celebration even more special is that it falls on Wednesday, June 21. coinciding with International Yoga Day, amplifying the significance and global reach of this event.

Melissa and Cathy, both passionate advocates of yoga and its transformative power, are here to share their boundless excitement and deep insights into the journey of Monumental Yoga. As a board member of the Indy Yoga Movement, Melissa has been instrumental in nurturing a thriving yoga community and promoting the benefits of yoga among diverse populations. Her wisdom and experience will undoubtedly shed light on the incredible growth and impact of this movement over the past decade.

Accompanying Melissa is the talented musician Cathy Morris, whose soul-stirring melodies and rhythms have been an integral part of the Monumental Yoga experience. Cathy’s music, fused with the practice of yoga, creates an atmosphere of serenity and harmony, enhancing the overall experience and creating a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

During their time in the studio, Melissa and Cathy graciously offer their guidance to our hosts, leading them through a series of yoga poses. This unique opportunity not only allows our hosts to deepen their understanding of yoga but also provides a firsthand experience of the transformative effects it can have on physical and mental well-being.

As we come together to celebrate this momentous occasion, the atmosphere is charged with anticipation, unity, and a shared commitment to personal growth and self-discovery. Monumental Yoga, with its roots deeply embedded in the community, has not only become a hallmark of Indianapolis but also a symbol of the power of collective intention and the unifying force of yoga.

This celebration marks a decade of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering belief in the potential of yoga to create positive change. It serves as a reminder that yoga is not confined to a mat or a specific space but is a way of life that permeates every aspect of our being. By embracing the spirit of yoga, we cultivate mindfulness, balance, and compassion, not only within ourselves but also within the wider community.

As we embark on this remarkable journey of discovery and celebration, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Melissa Okeley, Cathy Morris, and all those who have contributed to the success and growth of Monumental Yoga. Together, we strive to inspire and uplift, creating a world where the transformative power of yoga is accessible to all.