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Tasty Takeout: Fischer Farms + Goose the Market

Tasty Takeout: Fischer Farms + Goose the Market

Fischer Farms, a sustainable grass-fed beef farm with a heritage spanning six generations in Dubois County, has been dedicated to raising cattle for nearly two decades.

Throughout this time, they have had the privilege of collaborating with Indiana’s top chefs, retailers, and dining establishments.

Among their valued partnerships, Fischer Farms has cultivated a particularly strong bond with one of the foremost local food retailers in the Midwest, Goose the Market.

As they start their 16th year of collaboration, this relationship continues to flourish.

While you can purchase our grass-fed beef through various online channels and retail outlets, what sets our connection with Goose the Market apart is their unique approach of directly selling our meat to consumers.

This approach allows their customers to not only enjoy our farm’s products but also to support us and the many other producers they partner with.

During the event, Joseph Fischer and Corrie Cook, the Marketing Director at Goose the Market/Smoking Goose, will be present, offering a spread of charcuterie, packaged meats, and branded counter dressings for you to explore and enjoy.