Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.

Cheap rent

Indianapolis was the 21st cheapest place to rent an apartment in the nation. says the average two bedroom costs $1,395.

That’s a 2.7% increase over the previous year.

Carmel was the 23rd cheapest at $1,465 for a two bedroom.

Crypto artist

A digital artist known as Beeple is a Purdue grad.

His real name is Mike Winkleman and he graduated from Purdue in 2003 with a degree in computer science.

His latest piece of digital art, Everydays -The First 5000 Days, just sold at Christie’s for almost $70 million.

His works are notable because they are stored on the blockchain.

New Castle jobs

Ohio-based Crown Equipment says it is looking to fill 300 jobs nationwide, including at its locations in Greencastle and New Castle.

The company says it is facing ongoing demand for its supply chain equipment, technologies and services due to the pandemic.

About 70 of the open positions are available at the Indiana locations, those positions include engineering, IT, manufacturing and service jobs.

Alzheimer’s drug

Eli Lilly and Company’s experimental Alzheimer’s medicine showed some of the best early results seen by pharmaceutical researchers in the field.

The intravenous infusion targets substance that forms plaques in the brain and is a key concern as disease worsens.

It has begun a second clinical study of the drug and it is in discussions with regulators about what evidence would be needed for marketing approval.

Analysts said a drug proven to slow the decline of Alzheimer’s patients would have high demand and garner huge sales.