CDC warns spring allergies could be severe

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Spring is finally here and as the weather starts to turn, allergies will start to set in.

The CDC is now warning this year’s spring allergies could be severe. The long, wet winter could mean extremely high pollen counts this spring.

This year, people could experience extra itchy eyes, a very scratchy throat, and more coughing and sneezing than usual.

Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber shared some simple ways to find relief during allergy season. Rohr-Kirchgraber recommends people wear sunglasses to protect eyes, keep windows closed in the car and home and keep an eye on the pollen count each day. If you still can’t find relief, it could be time to see a doctor. 

“If your allergies are restricting your activities of daily living, if you’re not going outside of your house, if you’re just miserable and not sleeping and your work is suffering, see us because there are a number of different things we can do,” said Rohr-Kirchgraber.

Some allergy symptoms may be unexpected.

“Some folks will have allergies and symptoms even if they’ve never had them before so don’t be surprised. Probably the one thing that folks don’t recognize is that fatique or difficulty sleeping is probably one of the most common results of allergies. So they don’t really recognize that,” said Rohr-Kirchgraber.

The best thing doctors say people can do is to be prepared. There is preventative allergy medicine, some over-the-counter and some prescription. Doctors say to ask for help early, so you have time to enjoy time outside as the weather warms up.