Indy Eleven

Coach: Here’s why this year’s Indy Eleven team stands out

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New league. New season. New roster.

While change brings upon a lot of unknown, the Indy Eleven are embracing the evolution.

“It’s been cool, you know? In the past, I’ve been a part of quite a few expansion teams. But I think we have a good group here,” said Justin Braun. “We have a lot of guys who have experience. I think over the preseason we’ve gelled. That experience has helped us come together faster. It was nice to see that translate into points on the field this past weekend.”

New head coach Martin Renne has worked at nearly every level in professional soccer. This team stands out to him for unique reasons.

“I think there are a lot of really good players here who are of an age to prove themselves. They’re coming to the peak of their career, they’re young, they’re hungry. They want to do well. I just see good character, good determination, good confidence, and a lot of players with a lot of talent,” said Martin Rennie.

The training regimen has remained the same and the team still practices out at Grand Park in Westfield. But there’s a big change.

Lucas Oil Stadium has become the home venue for the Eleven, a site this team can’t wait to get its fans inside.

“For me, that’s THE stadium. To be able to play in that stadium every other Saturday night is so exciting. It’s one of the best venues in the world. Can’t wait to get going,” said Zach Steinberger.

“I’ve coached all over the world and seen a lot of great stadiums, but I don’t think there’s any better than this one. This is one of the best stadiums in the country for any sport or any event. I’m really excited to be there,” said Rennie.

Move over, Colts! There are new Boys in Blue in town.