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Avon small businesses work together to survive pandemic

AVON, Ind. (WISH) — Many small businesses are struggling to survive as we prepare to enter month six of the pandemic, but its given other small businesses the chance to thrive.

Many people have been at home with a little more free time on their hands, so they didn’t really have any excuses for not working on ideas they’ve had in their back pocket for so long.

Andrea Snyder has always toyed with the idea of opening a candy store like her grandpa. So when she soured on her old job and wanted something sweeter, The Fudge Kettle was born in the middle of a pandemic.

“I’ve got a bunch of people that are bored, they’re hungry, they’re at home and they need a snack and they’ve got the time to come pick it up from me,” Snyder said.

And she was right.

“I’m always looking and when I saw the word ‘fudge’ I was here!” customer Phyllis Cripe said.

Even in the middle of a pandemic- Snyder found out there are plenty of people ready and willing to support small businesses.

“We’ve had probably at least a thousand people through,” Snyder said. “A lot of fudge- a lot of fudge has passed through the doors. There hasn’t been many transactions where somebody hasn’t bought fudge.”

Besides fudge, you’ll see jewelry, t-shirts and non-edible items around the store from other local businesses…Because- while The Fudge Kettle is just getting started, many small businesses are struggling to survive. They need to work together as a team.

“You know, people have worked the whole year to bank their product for these festivals and these craft shows and things that they’re no longer allowed to participate in,” Snyder said. “So it really helps them and it helps me too.”

The Fudge Kettle’s neighbor, Cabin Coffee, has been around a bit longer and says the community has really helped keep them afloat during the pandemic. They say they’re only helped when new businesses pop up in the neighborhood and draw a crowd…Especially when that business compliments their own.

“Some other businesses around me come and say ‘Hey, we should collaborate.’” Snyder said. “Cabin Coffee came over and said ‘hey, what about a…coffee infused fudge?’ that’s something I’m totally open to.”

While the pandemic brings struggles to some businesses, Snyder says as long as the community- people and businesses together- are able to work as a team, there aren’t any worries about the shop’s future.

“I’m just super thankful to be able to carry on this family tradition and I’m really thankful that I have all the support of the community and my family,” Snyder said.

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