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Dog with two limbs has full life ahead of her

LAGRANGE, Ind. (WANE) – When she showed up at a veterinary clinic in LaGrange her injuries were so bad, they thought they’d have to put her down. There was something about Lucy, a little dog, with a big heart, that led the vet to believe she could beat the odds and live.

Like most dogs, Lucy loves a good run in the yard. Unlike most dogs Lucy only has two limbs.

“What was left of her back leg she kind of uses to balance her backside out, and she swings here tail in a circular motion to kind of counter balance,” Dr. Krystle King said.

Nearly three months ago, Dr. King didn’t think Lucy would ever have a day in the backyard.

“Honestly it was like nothing I’d ever seen,” King said.

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Lucy was brought to King Veterinary Clinic in LaGrange with her front leg severed off and her back leg barely hanging on. King initially thought it was a horrific case of animal abuse.

“I thought it was intentional because of how straight the legs were broken and severed off,” she said.

An Animal Control investigation found Lucy was accidentally run over by a large mower.

“My gut impulse was she’s not going to have a quality of life maybe it’s better off to euthanize,” King said.

Then something changed.

“It was something in her spirit and her trust that really pushed me to do it,” King said.

That something was a will to live. Dr. King performed the double amputation. Within two days Lucy was walking. King even got her a prosthetic to make walking easier on her, but she said Lucy prefers life without it.

“I think it’s a good thing to have on standby as she ages or if we’re doing something with endurance,” King said.

People in the community raised money to cover all Lucy’s vet bills plus some. Now, the money raised in honor of Lucy is going to help others. They were able to raise thousands for people in LaGrange, Texas who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. Plus they’ll be able to help animals like Lucy who need emergency, life-saving surgeries.

“The will to live can bring you through things you wouldn’t think to overcome,” King said.

Lucy was in a ditch for a week before someone found her. She barely had a chance, but a chance is all that Lucy needed.

King gave a lot of credit to ARK Animal Rescue and Adoption who brought Lucy to her. To give to the ‘For the Love of Lucy’ fund click here.