Frozen White Castle hamburger packs recalled

WASHINGTON (WISH) — White Castle has issued a recall for selected frozen packages of its hamburgers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports.

The hamburgers and cheeseburgers may be contaminated with a  bacteria that causes the infection listeriosis. The disease primarily affects pregnant women, newborns, older adults, and people with weakened immune systems, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The voluntary recall involves frozen 6-pack hamburgers, cheeseburgers and jalopeno cheeseburgers and 16-pack hamburgers and cheeseburgers. The packages will have “best by” dates from Aug. 4-17. A list of the lot codes affected is posted on the FDA website.

A testing laboratory found the bacteria. White Castle has canceled all shipments of the products since the find.

Customers can dispose of the frozen hamburgers or return them to the store for an exchange or refund. Customers may also contact White Castle at 800-843-2728.

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