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Data links Moderna vaccine to doubled risk of heart inflammation; feds investigating

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – According to The Washington Post, anonymous sources say a federal probe is underway.

Health officials are studying a possible link between heart complications and the Moderna vaccine.  

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The side effect is called myocarditis. The condition is defined as inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall usually caused by a viral infection. A severe case can weaken the heart, which can lead to heart failure, abnormal heartbeat, and sudden death.

The data has not yet been made public. However, it’s possible people are two and a half times more likely to get myocarditis after the Moderna jab compared to Pfizer.  

News 8 spoke with Dr. Ram Yeleti, chief physician executive at Community Health, who put this number into perspective. 

“When we say higher than normal what we’re talking about with Pfizer is they found 8 people out of a million are getting myocarditis and with Moderna it’s about 20 people in 1 million,” Yeleti said. “So, there is a slightly higher incidence for Moderna and it’s happening with mRNA and not the J&J (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine. But, it’s still an exceedingly low number of people getting myocarditis.”

Yeleti says a person is more likely to get struck by lightning multiple times than get the condition after being vaccinated. He also wants people to understand the side effect post-vaccination will be much milder, whereas the side effect as a result of a coronavirus infection can be life threatening.

News 8 reached out to get a statement from Moderna but has not heard back.

Below is the full interview with Yeleti. App users can view it online on this story.