Injured pit bull needs funds to receive proper care

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) -Almost Home Humane Society and the Purdue Small Animal Clinic are battling to save a badly injured pit bull.

Animal Control got a phone call from a good samaritan about the injured pit bull on Tuesday. The female dog was found in an abandoned house. Veterinarians are unsure how her injuries happened but they assume she was attacked by other dogs. They found multiple bite wounds to her rear legs, sides and front shoulder.

The dog has had her back leg amputated and multiple surgeries. The injuries are believed to be at least a week old and infected.

The injured pit bull is at the Purdue Small Animal Clinic getting around the clock care.

The cost for her care is about $5,000. Almost Home Humane Society Executive Director Stacy Rogers says they are trying to raise the funds.

“She has a really fighting spirit she was still wagging and friendly when she got to Purdue with all of the injuries,” said Rogers.

More than 50 people have donated to help the injured pitbull. So far they’ve raised about $1,900.

To donate, you can go to their online fundraising site here.