IPL light display to celebrate Final Four teams

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Power and Light are joining the #LoveIndy campaign put on by Visit Indy this weekend.

IPL will welcome fans with a light display in downtown Indianapolis. The 10 story headquarters building with shine with the names of the teams playing in this weekend’s Final Four games. On Sunday the final two teams names will be on display on the building.

IPL will also be scrolling the hashtag LoveIndy on its Monument Circle building throughout the weekend.

Visit Indy launched its new marketing campaign Tuesday afternoon. It’s to help keep the momentum of the city’s $4.4 billion tourism industry alive. The idea is for you to be the “I” of Indy, take a picture then use the hashtags #LoveIndy or #IndyWelcomesAll, then post your picture to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

IPL said they are dedicated to supporting the campaign by raising awareness with their light display.

If you take a picture with one of the light displays make sure to use any of the hashtags including, FinalFour, LoveIndy or IndyWelcomesAll.