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Biden gets low job approval rating during first year in office; IU History professor weighs in

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Today marks one year that President Joe Biden has been in oval office and year two starts with challenges.

A recent Gallup poll shows Biden’s job approval rating is at 40% and it’s his lowest job approval rating to date.

Indiana University History Professor Raymond Haberski told News 8 there are many factors leading to the number.

Haberski shared some of Biden’s successes such as the bipartisan trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that will improve transit systems, roads, bridges and water systems.

The president also passed The American Rescue Plan Act that provided immediate relief to families and communities during the pandemic.

However, Biden has faced some challenges like the withdrawal of military troops from Afghanistan. Also bills on voting rights which failed overnight and the Build Back Better bill that remains stuck in the Senate.

Another big issue Americans are facing is inflation.

Haberski said that Biden’s approval rating does not look promising with the midterm elections looming.

“Here are loses that seem to be mounting with very few victories and that’s the key. He’s got to have some wins,” said Haberski. “Wins will erase the memory of those loses because I do think that people have a short memory about things that are not directly related to their lives.”

The professor mentioned that a lot can change quickly even though Biden’s approval rating is low. Haberski points to the pandemic, the supply chain crisis, job market and overall uncertainty in the county that is weighing on people.