Hundreds of protesters march in downtown Bloomington

BLOOMINGTON (WISH) — Vauhxx Booker showed up at a protest in downtown Bloomington on Monday evening. The demonstrators were there in support of Booker after he said he a group of people threatened to lynch him over the weekend at Lake Monroe.

Protesters tell News 8 the large gathering of more than 300 people was not organized by just one group. They said it was a combined effort with the community, Black Lives Matter groups and the group Enough is Enough.

They stood at the courthouse square for just over two hours before they began marching around downtown.

Booker said he did not know the protest was going to happen but said speaking out is what people should do.

“I think this was a spontaneous movement, folks felt like they needed to get involved and engaged and I can support that,” said Booker.

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Several protesters said seeing the incident happen so close to where they live was hard to watch.

“We get told why are you protesting in Bloomington, this kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Bloomington. Well you know what? This one is at home,” said Patrick Ford.

“Obviously everything that’s happening across the country is disgusting and terrible but when it happens close to home, it’s so disheartening,” said Aleah Craft.

According to Booker, no one involved in the assault was arrested. News 8 filed a public records request with DNR in hopes to obtain any written reports from that day, we are still waiting to hear back.