Indiana Senate unveils district map proposal

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Senate unveiled its proposed redistricting map Tuesday morning.

Senate leaders claim its keeps communities together. They say fewer counties will be split by different districts. They also say 96% of all townships and 92% of cities and towns are intact and not split between districts.

The next steps are a public meeting to get input, which is scheduled for Monday.

The Indiana Senate is scheduled to vote on the map on Sept. 30. The House could then hold a final vote on all maps as early as Oct. 1.

The Associated Press reports the redistricting, based on population shifts from the 2020 census, creates one new likely Democratic Senate seat in Indianapolis as most rural counties across the state lost population and the Indianapolis area added residents. But, no significant shifts look likely from the current 39-11 Republican supermajority in the state Senate.


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