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Man survives Cumberland house fire thanks to neighborhood hero

CUMBERLAND, Ind. (WISH) — Charred wood is all that remains for most of a house on Regis Court in Cumberland following a fire on Tuesday.

As the homeowner began cleaning up, they salvaged unburnt items that made it through the fire.

He’s only able to start that process because of the quick thinking of his neighbor, Andrew Nelson, who noticed the house was on fire and rushed over to bang on the door.

“It was all on the right side of the house, so I could luckily sneak by to the left to get to the door,” Nelson said.

It’s in the character of the neighborhood to do what he did.

“We all care for each other. We all try to look out for each other. It’s the nice thing to do. If my house was on fire I’m pretty sure I’d want someone else to tell me, especially if I’m not conscious about it,” Nelson said.

After the Indianapolis Fire Department was able to put out the flames, Nelson said his neighbor came up to thank him.

“He told me he was asleep, (and) that he didn’t know until I knocked on the door,” Nelson said.

That knock helped save the life of his neighbor and his two dogs.

“Kind of feels good knowing I helped save somebody’s life,” Nelson said.

Nelson wants people who see this story to learn from his actions.

“If you see somebody who needs help, just help. I mean, the slightest thing could help. Just a knock on a door like I just did,” Nelson said.

The homeowner told News 8 that he plans on getting Nelson a gift to say thank you for saving his life.