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Midwest Reptile Show wraps up 30th year at Indiana State Fairgrounds

Slithering into the Midwest Reptile Show

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Midwest Reptile Show welcomed plenty of animals at the Indiana State Fair Grounds on Sunday as organizers wrapped up its 30th year in Indianapolis.

The show hosts about 150 vendors from across the country each year. Show promoter Brian Hahn says he often sells out of vendor space.

“We’ve doubled our size in the last few years,” Hahn said. “The interest in reptiles has just boomed since Instagram and YouTube. Everybody gets to see what’s out there, and it’s pretty exciting.”

From lizards, snakes, and bearded dragons, the show displays loads of scaly creatures for visitors to interact with and possibly take home.

It’s not just about the reptiles, though. Vendors often showcase mammals, bugs, and amphibians as well. People can also shop for all kinds of pet supplies, regardless of whether their pets have feathers, scales, or fur.

One of those vendors is Josh Royer, who works at American Reptile out of Buffalo, New York. He said he loves working with the animals.

“They’re good for family and children,” Royer said. “There’s a lot to learn, I’m always learning something.”

Clayton Ramsey helps run River City Exotics, based in northern Kentucky. On Sunday, he sold pet supplies and had two tortoises on display.

“We also do crested geckos and bearded dragons,” Ramsey said. “We sell all your needs as far as all your supplies that you would need. Lighting tanks or whatnot. Anything you would need to get something started.”

Hahn already has six shows scheduled for 2024.

Sunday’s event runs until 4 p.m. at the Harvest Pavillion on the state fairgrounds. Admission is $7, and parking is $10.