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Tyson Foods, Indiana Packers provide updates for meat plants

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana Packers in Delphi issued an update Tuesday, saying it has a plan to reopen that involves testing all employees for COVID-19.

It’s working with the state health department to begin testing starting Thursday and to last for two days, with results following afterwards. It also reports further plant-wide sanitation.

Monday, Tyson Foods in Logansport announced new safety measures at two of its Arkansas plants, indicating similar measures could be implemented in other plants, including the one in Indiana.

President Donald Trump ordered all meat processing plants re-open Tuesday, after several have closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

Tyson Foods in Logansport and Indiana Packers in Delphi closed down last week after employees tested positive.

The president cited his power under The Defense Production Act when making the executive order saying it’s essential these facilities stay open so Americans can get protein from grocery store shelves.

Mr. Trump also said if an employee sues their employer over this, he’ll work to have a system in place to protect the companies.

“That’ll solve any liability problems, where they had certain liability problems. We’ll be in very good shape,” said Trump.

Many grocery stores shelves are cleared or low on fresh meats. Meat processors explain this isn’t because of a lack of chickens, pigs or cows, but a lack of people to slaughter, process and package them for grocery stores.

In fact, some say there’s now a surplus of live animals that may result in maintenance problems. Some have warned animals may be slaughtered and their meat wasted if the plants don’t reopen.