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Victims identified in deadly triple shooting in Lawrence

Victims identified in deadly triple shooting in Lawrence

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Friday night, Diane ‘Kookie’ Jones was looking forward to seeing her 19-year-old cousin Londyn Coleman of Warsaw, Indiana.

“It was at 1 p.m., I had talked to her. We were on messenger talking and I asked her, ‘Where have you been? I haven’t seen you.’ Usually, she comes over and gets food or whatever. She’s like I’m good. You know I am in Indianapolis but I’m good I’ll be able to see you soon. I said, ‘Okay baby, be safe.’ She said ‘Okay,’” Jones said.

Jones says Coleman was known for her big personality, entertaining her loved ones, and food. She shared many of these qualities with their cousin Aaliyah Wortman of Marion, Indiana.

“Londyn comes up here a lot to see her brother and them. So, she just came up here and I think she was just here for the weekend, probably for a concert, and she loved to eat. So going out to eat. The girl loved to eat,” she said.

Jones says Coleman was in town to see her family and attend a concert. Later that day, she was supposed to meet up with her brother, Lonzo Sanders, at his home.

“I just end up going to sleep and then I just heard my mama in the morning screaming. So, I just woke up and then it’s like off rip I knew something was wrong,” Sanders said.

Lonzo would find out from his mother that his cousins were two of the three victims in Friday’s fatal shooting at Jamestowne Apartments in Lawrence. The third victim 27-year-old Spencer Lawson Jr. is of no relation.

“I just went straight into brother mode like, I wanna figure out who did it and I know my sister has a son. So, if I crash out and if I go do something wrong, that just goes and takes me away from him,” Sanders said.

Sanders and Jones are left with memories and a number of unanswered questions.

“I wanna know why? I wanna know what we could have done If it was, I don’t know what it could have been over. But I really wanna know why and I want justice for them,” Jones said.

The Lawrence Police Department is currently investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting but officers believe the incident may have resulted from a targeted attack.