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Viral DIY vampire fang trend becoming Halloween nightmare for parents

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A Halloween nightmare for teeth as dentists are warning parents about the dangers of a new TikTok trend involving DIY vampire fangs.

A search for the hashtag “vampire fangs” shows almost 9 million video views.

In the videos, people are seen using at-home kits, nail glue or superglue to make costume fangs stick to their teeth, and while they make for a great Halloween costume, Dr. LaQuia Vinson with The Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health says they’re not so great for our teeth.

“A lot of people use nail glue for example. And that’s just not meant for oral use. It says it right on the label,” said Dr. Vinson.

So what’s the harm in using glue on your teeth?

At a minimum, Dr. Vinson says glues and other material not meant for oral use can cause erosion or inflammation to the enamel. In more serious cases, the reaction could be a chemical burn with lacerations or sloughing of the tissues in the oral cavity.

As a first step, parents should check the labels before applying any material, but Dr. Vinson also says there are some safe options for families still looking to have fun.

“We understand fangs are part of routine costumes which is fine, but there are safe products available, over the counter such as denture adhesive,” Dr. Vinson said.

Denture adhesive is readily available in most retail pharmacies and orthodontic wax or dental wax are also options that will allow for safe application.

But Dr. Vinson also warns if you’re putting fangs on, be prepared to have them stay on for a few days. They should eventually wear loose, but she strongly advises not tugging or pulling them off.

If you or your child is experiencing any pain, Dr. Vinson says it’s time to call the dentist.