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Will the next UAW strike be in Indiana?

UAW workers set to strike in Kokomo

KOKOMO, Ind. (WISH) — Indiana autoworkers are on standby and ready to hit the picket line at a moment’s notice.

UAW went on strike at midnight Friday against the Big three U.S. automakers.

For now, the strikes are only at some plants, and none are in Indiana, but that could change.

Dave Willis, the president of UAW 1166, says these strikes are unlike anything he’s ever seen before.

He says change is necessary and they’re not afraid to let everyone know.

“What they’re saying is 8,000 of us in this area, right, because of 685, 1166, 1302, 292, and others,” said Willis. “We’re all ready.”

Willis has dedicated his life to supporting autoworkers.

“This is a lifetime goal for me. I was born and raised. My dad was an officer when I was born way, way long time ago,” said Willis.

He says sleep is hard to come by now with his mind on his brothers and sisters at the plants. He says all they’re waiting for is a call from Shawn Fain, President of the United Auto Workers, to hit the picket lines.

“President Fain, Vice President Boyer, all they’ve got to do is call and ask, and we either stand down if everything is good or we’ll do what we have to do,” said Willis.

The UAW members say they want to see better pay and benefits for workers, among other things.

“It’s ridiculous. In this day in time. You go in and work a 40-hour job over here, and then you can go to McDonald’s to work another 32 hours part-time because that’s what’s going to take to survive with a family.”

Willis says an increase in pay would make a big positive impact on the city’s economy.

“Increases the income, increases the expenditures in the city. Everything. When it rises, we all rise together.”

“Both Stellantis and the UAW have been great partners in the City of Kokomo for decades. We are confident both groups will continue to bargain in good faith to find a solution that is fair and equitable to both parties.”

Tyler Moore, Mayor of Kokomo