YMCA of Muncie unveils proposal for new facility at Tuhey Park

A proposal for a new YMCA of Muncie facility at Tuhey Park in Muncie, Indiana. (Image from Facebook Live)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — The YMCA of Muncie on Monday unveiled a plan that would close two of its facilities and consolidate them into a new facility in downtown Muncie.

The announcement was made during a news conference shared on Facebook.

A committee identified Tuhey Park as a potential site for the new facility. It would allow the YMCA to work with the city government and its parks department to “leverage resources,” said Chad Zaucha, president and chief executive officer of YMCA of Muncie.

The new facility would provide summer camp, access to trails, wellness and diverse ability programs, and community gardens. The site also is well-placed to address hunger issues, particularly for children, in the community, Zaucha said.

The YMCA leader said the next steps are confirming a location, then more details would be determined. “We’re simply in the concept phase right now.”

Vandewalle & Associates Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, created a proposed design for the project.

In a news release, the YMCA of Muncie said its consolidation would result in reducing the annual operating cost, allowing the Y to provide essential services both within the facility and out in the community, such as affordable early-childhood education, safe gathering spaces and programing for youths, and healthy, affordable activities for everyone including preschoolers, school-age children, families and active older adults.


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